7. 10. 2012

Turning the tides

It has been a glorious weather in past few days. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, but I knew that a drastic change will happen after it. I knew mostly because not only it is always like that, but also because I have caught even more glorious cold/flu/sore throat/coldsore/whatever-else only some days ago.
That's just the way how my body reacts to it. Some people ("doctors") call it a cold allergy. I have it. And as ridiculous and funny as it sounds, it is not funny, at all.

I have lived through my yoga class when I started feeling a little fever-ish. I wasn't able to perform any position that required bending forward, because all the blood that runs to your head suddenly feels 10000x heavier than it actually is.

The next morning, instead of coffee, I have filled my thermo-bottle with fresh ginger tea (that still smelled like coffee a little because the coffee taste/smell/stains are a bit impossible to get off) and went (not so)happily to school. Then when I came back from work in the evening I was just GLAD I could slam myself on the bed and sleep.

The night was horrible, couldn't breathe and at times I thought my lungs are filled with needles that are trying to find their way out.

Friday was basically a survivor mission, to reach the evening for the final test - double shift at work. Jesus. Freakin'. Christ. I felt like shit. I couldn't speak, yet I had to interact with customers and I tried not to cough at them much, or blow my nose in front of them (though my workmates told me that my nose was very red from the napkin scratches - you know, I ran out of handkerchiefs within the first 40 minutes, so I have destroyed half a pack of napkins we had at work, and they weren't very soft).

Did I say I felt like shit during Friday evening?
Well, guess what, the night from Friday to Saturday was even worse.
My mom, with good intentions, when she heard me speak (better to say when she heard me how am I trying to speak), told me to put a Priessnitz's water wrap around my neck. You know, you first put a wet cloth, then put a plastic sack over it and then add a dry cloth over the plastic sack? Yeah that. It is supposed to help.
God-fucking-damnit. If I slept three hours during the night, I don't know. But either way, I didn't sleep much. I was coughing most of the time, it hurt like hell, my neck felt really uncomfortable and.. aaaaaaaaaargh. I was just glad to get rid of it in the morning. Have to say it did help. But it was horrible. I'm never doing it again.

Well, enough of my sick adventures, let's head to some news.
I am supposed to have an exhibition, the truth is that I haven't even picked the photos (yeah), but I have a small selection and theme and the frames!

And the last news, I got my hair cut. I went for some mainstream hipster look.

That's it, sorry for long-ass post :D