10. 8. 2012

Summer madness

Well, indeed I am naglecting this blog.
Mostly because I have no idea about what interesting things I shall write, or just nothing interesting happens in my life :)

In short then:

1) I am still working on my fantasy novel-to-be, or at least I am doing my best. I got new fresh ideas while being in Slovakia a month ago, still in a process of sorting them, expanding them and then of course I have started putting the random parts I have already written together and giving them soem actual form. And of course correcting some details and stuf like that :)

2) My "photography" is on hiatus. I mean a loooong, long one.

3) With that being said, I think the exhibition is totally going to happen this year, to my great surprise. Because the owner of the pub where it should happen said he would really like to have new decorations on his walls.

4) Yesterday I have met with my dear friend Yasmi after 7 long years of being only internet friends. It was awesome. All the memories were fun to talk about!

Well and that might be it.
If you still read this, thank you very much for being patient :D

3 komentáře:

  1. 2) OK, I'll get my ass to sewing next week and force you to do mock fashion photography again. I'll lend you my cats too, if you want. ;)

    3) Jashfskknrnf awesome!!!

  2. A proboha, zruš si ty debilní obázky, co musím opisovat, když chci komentovat, nevěřím, že ti sem lítá tolik spamu, aby se to vyplatilo. XD

    1. Heh, to ani nevim že tu něco takovýho mam :D ale jdu se o to okusit :D