13. 8. 2012

Googling deers

Well, I just like them.
And this one was just so pretty I decided to post it to my long-neglected blog.

Also, the following thing is gong to be really irrelevant to the title of this entry, but I dont feel like making a new one specifically for it.
So the closing ceremony in London was brilliant, I mean, just perfect. Even during the opening ceremony I was waiting for something Monty Python related, but I haven't noticed anything of that sort.
With the closing ceremony I was kinda thinking the Spice Girls performance is going to be the highlight of my nostalgy, but then Eric Idle happened. So I turned on online streaming and made a couple of screenshots, for the memories, for my sister to see when she comes back (and before the video of his performance appears on the internet, but meh, I guess she'll watch the whole thing anyway) and then I have decided to post a photoset on my tumblr.

Yea well... it gained over 50 notes within the first minute, over 300 notes within 25 minutes after being posted and now as I am checking it, it currently has over 700 notes.

Fuck me.
So many people reblogging from my tumblr, well that's a first.

Also, I should start doing something useful, preferably go on with my novel, but ...
meh. Inspiration.

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