27. 8. 2012

Sketches: Singers edition

Two of the six "singers", special members of the Raijin order.

There is so much to tell about this group of people but I am too lazy to write it on the internet because I am paranoid and shit.

23. 8. 2012

Sketchy sketches

Toore's gang.
Yet unnamed group and I think it will even remain unnamed. For teh lulz.

My favorites are the last two ones.

The only problem I have is that they all have very simmilar, villain-like eyes, but in their cases it really doesn't matter. As they all are members of one group, that is supposed to have some simmilar "magical" feature, well, eyes.
It would kinda matter if I will decide to draw other characters, main ones, and not minor ones like these are.

Well, we shall see :D

20. 8. 2012

In a weird drawing mood

I have no idea.
I just grabbed a pencil and a paper and within 10 minutes (!!!!!) I did two character sketches for the fantasy-nove-to-be(-that-I-am-currently-stuck-with).

Nothing could describe the amount of surprise. Seriously.
And they are even looking good. I mean they are not perfect, but for minor character sketches they are more than fine.


19. 8. 2012

Well, fuck you weather

So it is ssupposed to close to 40°C next week.
How. I mean..


What did we do to die in such a horrible way, being boiled alive by weather and the sun-heated pavements and roads in the middle of the city.

I hate such hot weather.
I wish for autumn already. I want to curl up in the sofa with my deer sweater on, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and watching the rain outside. Please? Is it too much to ask for?


16. 8. 2012

In love with my nails

I have finally managed to buy myself the crackle nail polish coat.
It - is- A-mazing!

Next stop is the magnetic nailpolish.

13. 8. 2012

Googling deers

Well, I just like them.
And this one was just so pretty I decided to post it to my long-neglected blog.

Also, the following thing is gong to be really irrelevant to the title of this entry, but I dont feel like making a new one specifically for it.
So the closing ceremony in London was brilliant, I mean, just perfect. Even during the opening ceremony I was waiting for something Monty Python related, but I haven't noticed anything of that sort.
With the closing ceremony I was kinda thinking the Spice Girls performance is going to be the highlight of my nostalgy, but then Eric Idle happened. So I turned on online streaming and made a couple of screenshots, for the memories, for my sister to see when she comes back (and before the video of his performance appears on the internet, but meh, I guess she'll watch the whole thing anyway) and then I have decided to post a photoset on my tumblr.

Yea well... it gained over 50 notes within the first minute, over 300 notes within 25 minutes after being posted and now as I am checking it, it currently has over 700 notes.

Fuck me.
So many people reblogging from my tumblr, well that's a first.

Also, I should start doing something useful, preferably go on with my novel, but ...
meh. Inspiration.

12. 8. 2012

You know what

I am just waiting for the closing ceremony in London. That's probably the ultimate highlight of my day and then I'm off to sleep without being tired for a specific reason. Boo. I hate these feelings.

To keep my mind occupied, I am just preparing some backup things for my cult on VF, but after every third word I just open the internet and browse mindlessly on randpm sites for like 10-15 minutes.


The fuck.

I can't.

10. 8. 2012

Summer madness

Well, indeed I am naglecting this blog.
Mostly because I have no idea about what interesting things I shall write, or just nothing interesting happens in my life :)

In short then:

1) I am still working on my fantasy novel-to-be, or at least I am doing my best. I got new fresh ideas while being in Slovakia a month ago, still in a process of sorting them, expanding them and then of course I have started putting the random parts I have already written together and giving them soem actual form. And of course correcting some details and stuf like that :)

2) My "photography" is on hiatus. I mean a loooong, long one.

3) With that being said, I think the exhibition is totally going to happen this year, to my great surprise. Because the owner of the pub where it should happen said he would really like to have new decorations on his walls.

4) Yesterday I have met with my dear friend Yasmi after 7 long years of being only internet friends. It was awesome. All the memories were fun to talk about!

Well and that might be it.
If you still read this, thank you very much for being patient :D