17. 6. 2012

Exams, you funny bitches, why.

So I have last two exams left and I am not going to lie, my brain is pretty much empty.
The worst thing is probably that those two exams are two of the most difficult ones and to be honest I really don't want to repeat either of those two subjects next year. Some people would say "oh come on don't worry, you are going to make it". Ha, ha ha. I mean, one does not simply ace an exam she does not know a shit about.

Subject A: 122 pages of text to study.
Subject B: about 80 pages to study + 35 songs to recognise.
Exam A: Monday 8am
Exam B: Tuesday 9am

Everything would have been much easier if I didn't have to go to work on Sun, Mon, Tues evenings. Pffffft. I will lose the times when I am most able to study.

Well. About time I should stop writing this, as I am obviously wasting the time I could use for the thing I am just ranting about.
I will never learn.