26. 5. 2012

An attempt for an interesting blog entry

Is destined to fail terribly.
For I am going to whine again about how everything sucks and so on.

First things first.

The exhibition opening went well. I was very pleased with the result and everything and so on. I already have a video from it, so we are going to use it instead of a PPT presentation on Monday. Jolly!

I am slowly realising my lack of self-discipline is really a huge problem when trying to study. I just have never learned how to "study", so I really cannot sit over a book for two hours and trying to put some knowledge in my head. Simply what I don't get for the first time automatically, it is made for being forgotten and never to be learned and remembered.
So I am slightly concerned about my upcoming exams.
See instead of trying to study I am writing this self-destructive thing, eh.

The usual part about how I can't move on with my story, that noone loves me, that I suck etc etc I am going to skip, because I talk about it too much already, yeah?

And what is left?
Well, some days ago I got myself a copy of A Feast For Crows, A Dance With Dragons is going to be in my hands as soon as it is published. Yeah.
And I wanted to mention something else, but I forgot. So I guess I will just leave it here...

Oh no, wait. I have remembered.
I am slightly becoming obsessed with magpies and jackdaws. They are cute birds. And they gained their place in my list of planned tattoos. Madness. Total.

Now I can leave it here and end this uninteresting blog entry.

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  1. Don't forget to e-mail me the link for the video/send the video, please. :) And hey, you're gonna pass the exams just fine anyway.