17. 4. 2012

Oh my!

One logs in after a longer time and see it's all different! Woah.

A couple of news, maybe?

1) Game of thrones has started again and it's basically everything I care about, mostly. It just occupies my mind quite a lot.

2) In a month we are opening an exhibition, which is going to be a result of our project at school. We have arranged some really interesting ideas, now let's just hope it'll go well.

3) I got myself a brand new mini laptop, so we won't fight over my sister's one. It's a tiny red thing, it's totally awesome and worth getting myself in a big debt :D

And now I guess I shall be getting away from here because in a while I have an appointment and there seems to be some problems with buses out there (according to dpp.cz).. meh -_-

1 komentář:

  1. I've been watching the new season too :) And I hope I'll be able to go see the exhibition (I'll have to skip Japanese, since I wouldn't make it otherwise :( )