29. 4. 2012

I am a despicable human being

Well, lazy, to be precise.
Next saturday we have a deadline for our seminary work about Moravian gallery in Brno.
Nothing big, just 5-10 pages and we are three in the team to make it happen. But guess what.

Yeah we have NOTHING.

Well, nothing.. we have (or more likely I have) the basic structure with all the bullet points and headers. Only the context is missing so far. I did it last week because I thought that it is reaaaaaaaaaally about time to get our asses to work. So I sent it to the other two in my team just to really remind them we have to start getting shit done, seriously.
No response, except on Tuesday one of my teammates was at school, so we discussed the structure on like who is going to write what and so on. Then of course I got ill so I haven't been on afternoon lectures, therefore I have no idea if there was the third teammate.

And now I started writing "my" parts of the work. I mean it's nothing that grand and difficult, but still I have to say I really do prefer working on such things on my own and not having to rely on the others. Also because everyone else has a different writing style, thoughts and so on, therefore it is really difficult to put something readable together. I remember how strange it was to do the marketing plan last semester with another person, and now we are three for this thing.
AND especially when they are the others are working with me. I am a bitch. I seriously am. I wish I weren't, but everytime I see something written by others, when it is supposed to be also my work, I tend to re-write it or at least suggest something slightly different (or at least how I would have done it).

To all this madness, add a bit of illness, inspiration on holiday, new seasons of TV shows, new laptop and lots of fangirling and you understand that I really have no life :D

I am doomed.

17. 4. 2012

Oh my!

One logs in after a longer time and see it's all different! Woah.

A couple of news, maybe?

1) Game of thrones has started again and it's basically everything I care about, mostly. It just occupies my mind quite a lot.

2) In a month we are opening an exhibition, which is going to be a result of our project at school. We have arranged some really interesting ideas, now let's just hope it'll go well.

3) I got myself a brand new mini laptop, so we won't fight over my sister's one. It's a tiny red thing, it's totally awesome and worth getting myself in a big debt :D

And now I guess I shall be getting away from here because in a while I have an appointment and there seems to be some problems with buses out there (according to dpp.cz).. meh -_-