15. 3. 2012

The plans and the future

A couple of quick (or not) updates.

1) Well, there's going to be an exhibition.
No, not mine. I am just a part of the production team that is setting the whole thing up, as a part of our school project. Joy.

2) Which obviously reminds me of that I should really start thinking of setting up my own.
Nothing fancy, I mean, how can it be fancy when I am not even a fancy photographer, but when I sometimes notice some other photos and works and art that have been exhibited, I always ask myself "why not me, I can certainly do as good as they and maybe even better."
I even have a place for it, so the only thing that is preventing me from the exhibition, is my pure laziness.

3) Should I even call myself an author?
Yes, I do write some sort of  novel. Started writing it about 4 years ago, then lost it and found again while I was moving. I have read those few pages and ideas I have scribbled down in 2007/8 and told myself "It's good. It's actually pretty good!" See, I usually feel totally embarassed while reading any story I wrote ages ago. But this one.. this one was different. This one has potential.

So I started writing it again and I gave myself a promise last summer that in 10 years from that moment it shall be finished and ready to be published. I have a little over 9 years to go.

I am even determined to get it done. At least the first part, because obviously.. my long summer nights were very inspirational and productive, so my basic storyline from 2007 got very much expanded to four main parts, with currently four "main" characters, whose storylines I follow mainly.

They have names, those parts, only working titles and nothing official.
Part I - A beginning of an end
Part II - Endless warfare
Part III - Ruins
Part IV - The end of the beginning / New Age

Another fact is, that being influenced (from a tiny little part) by GOT, I think of it as a visual thing. In my mind I am trying to find the right faces and places, and when writing everything down, I imagine it being on screen. It's a dream that is probably never going to happen, but hey, one can have hopes, dreams and ideals that keep one sane from the madness around? :)

4) 18 days left!!!
Game of Thrones, Season two, obviously. What else?

2 komentáře:

  1. I wanna see your exhibition! It would be soooo awesome! Stop being lazy, woman.

    And you know, if the book turns into a screenplay, keep the costume designer job for me!

    1. Of course the job is reserved for you! ;)

      Haha will I ever stop being lazy? Um.. no? :D