25. 1. 2012

What sort of sorcery... or idiocy is this.

I just realised that I'm kind of weird.
I think in English. I seriously think in English instead of in Czech. HOW... I don't even...!

Everytime a good idea for my novel-to-be appears in my mind, it's usually in English. So I write it down in English and then I just roll my eyes when I write it down translated. It just sounds so strange... it's maybe because I'm thinking in movie dialogues and they - let's face it - sound better in English.

Or I'm talking to my friends and half of the things I want to say, I can't find words for in czech, so I write them in English. The hell. The serious deepest hell.

Well, afterall I think this probably tells me that I really want to go to Britain and work there for the time our school offers. I think it would be an amazing opportunity, but the thing is... no information about it are up so far. That worries me. One girl from my class was asking about it already and didn't find out a single new thing.

I keep my hopes high, though.

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