16. 1. 2012

What the hell is wrong with the world?

More specifically, what is wrong with my marketing professor?

Today I had museology exam (well, it was kind of easy so I have a bad feelling about the result) and after that there was a possibility of getting your mark from marketing written to your study index. So I went there.
When it was my turn to get the mark, the professor just looked at her notes with my score, looked at me in a slightly suspicious/angry way and said:

"Well, you wrote a brilliant test. However, you were writing about different things, your answers were right for the questions your colleagues got in the test on Tuesday and not for the Thursday version you did."

...seriously? Seriously?

I mean.. of course I asked the people who wrote it before me, just to know how exactly were the questions built, so -knowing how I suck at these subjects- I could have a better idea and chance to learn for it and therefore do somehow good.

One girl told me: "Well, we had a task about.. that you're someone from school and you want to make it better for students.. so you had to write how are you going to do that, marketing-wise. You know, the forms of marketing research."
And one of the tasks I had was: "Write, explain and give examples on basic marketing forms."

For me, it's basically the same thing!
But now she obviously thinks I'm a cheater or what?

I would understand her behavior if I didn't attend the classes, did bad on the tests, didn't do the marketing plan project we had to and was just stupid in classes. BUT.
I was attending the classes as much as I could, I did the marketing plan on time (and she even said it was a great work!), even did the damn essay we didn't have to do and when there were some tasks for extra points in the lectures, I was usually the one who got the answer right.
So I don't get it.

I was exploding with anger inside, but I rather kept my mouth shut, because that wouldn't end up good for me no matter how valid my arguments would be.
Thank Gods I learned how to control myself...

3 komentáře:

  1. That sucks, just what's wrong with her? Maybe it's contagious, the plant anatomy teacher did a similar thing to me >.> So, what did you get? Or you have to write the test again?

  2. 70 out of 100, therefore mark 2. Thank Gods I don't have to repeat that bloody subject... :D

  3. 2 is nice (unless you were going for 1?), and yeah, at least you don't have to repeat (unlike the plants ... (1 + 1 + 2) = 2 => come to try again for 1, I'm not writing you any mark yet >.>)