3. 1. 2012

So, eh... New year, you say?

Yeah. There. You can have it.

This year I guess I'll be focusing mainly on the upcoming apocalypse. Probably in the way I will do pure nothing and wait till it strikes me. Also I would like to deal with some people that would surely deserve the upgraded version of high five (aka in the face with a chair) and finally do something useful with my life.
But as the world's going to end, I guess it won't even matter :)

So for those who plan to survive, I wish you all the best!
You see I don't have much plans for 2013 as I am preparing for the apo. I kind of put up with that planning trip to FO is a bit useless, I am not going to finish my "novel" this year for sure (I would have to focus only on that and I am afraid that even a skilled novelist won't sew the random pieces I have together in a reasonable and 'making sense'-way), but I gave myself 10 years. Well, soon enough it's going to be 9 years left.
Oh, fuck, the time flies.

They say your year is going to be mostly like how you are on the New Year.
No wonder the world is fucked up, tired, stupid and in a hangover all year long :)

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