21. 1. 2012

Oh sweet God of Procrastination

On Monday morning I have my last exam.

Might be a good reason for celebration, eh? Well, yeah, kind of.
Except that I haven't even opened my notes. Yet. Sunday evening's going to be this frenzy last minute re-reading of everything. Maybe some table flipping and "fuck that shit, I'm looking up ponies!"-yelling may even occur, but I cannot see into the future.
That subject is that kind of.. well, a bit of history and a bit of common sense. That kind of you don't have to study for it that much if you're intelligent enough to talk it around. Except certain dates, of course... but basically, half of the things we were told in the lectures we've heard already on elementary school in our history lessons. For example I knew before that one of the most important coins of bohemian kingdom was the Prague groschen which's minting started around 1300 by the decision of king Wenceslas II. (and also because silver mines have been discovered in the city of Kutná Hora)... or that the czech word for coat of arms ("erb") comes from German "die Erbe" - "an heir".
And so on and on.

That leaves me procrastinating, this feeling that I can do that without re-reading and any further studying.
Instead of said re-reading am I doing what?

Well, re-watching movies I have never seen completely, just by random pieces and I thought it's about time I shall watch them properly. I have 3,5 hours behind me, another good 7-8 hours before me.
Guess what those movies are?

Well, before I will go and write the exam kind of unprepared, I know I would tell myself that I should've listened to one man:

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  1. Oh LOL. You're gonna pull it off though, and in the worst case, you have until morning XD.

    1. I know, right? Who the hell needs sleep anyway! :D