9. 1. 2012


I don't even know what I want to write about in this post. I just randomly clicked "write a new post" and what am I trying to do, is to fill up some blank space with meaningless words.
I'd say I am quite good at it.

I think I shall go on about what I like. Game of Thrones.
You all know I am a fangirl. And that I am a fan of house Baratheon. And Stannis fan.
So I have decided I shall make some quick doodles purely for fun and like.. post them on my tumblr. And I was quite surprised that they actually got some "aww this is great" responses there! I mean I am no artist and I don't find them that awesome (because I have seen totally breathtaking drawings or very funny 'caricatures'/cartoon figures about the same thing), but what pleases me more is that random people from the internet waters, who share my feelings about king Stannis and his loyal Davos, like them.

That kind of made my day.

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  1. You rock :) Makes me even more impatient to see the 2nd season!