28. 1. 2012

Game of Thrones strikes my blog again

Because HBO will air a new trailer tomorrow!

And they'd better show us some more of Stannis. Because one can never have enough Stannis. And Davos. And so.

Also, I wish we could see more of Brienne, Asha (ok, Yara...) and Jaqen.
Brienne because all she got in previous videos was one second of her face showed clearly, few seconds of her back and one second 90% of her beind hidden behind Renly.
Asha (Yara.. I will never get used to this!) and Jaqen because he wasn't seen anywhere yet!

Well. Soon 2 months till the premiere. I am getting happy, very, very happy.

2 komentáře:

  1. I should start watching Game of Thrones I guess. People keep telling me about it and I have nothing better to do :p

    1. Ohmygod YES DO IT I am sure you won't regert :D