28. 1. 2012

Game of Thrones strikes my blog again

Because HBO will air a new trailer tomorrow!

And they'd better show us some more of Stannis. Because one can never have enough Stannis. And Davos. And so.

Also, I wish we could see more of Brienne, Asha (ok, Yara...) and Jaqen.
Brienne because all she got in previous videos was one second of her face showed clearly, few seconds of her back and one second 90% of her beind hidden behind Renly.
Asha (Yara.. I will never get used to this!) and Jaqen because he wasn't seen anywhere yet!

Well. Soon 2 months till the premiere. I am getting happy, very, very happy.

Random #2

Well, not exactly what I wanted, but I am not complaining.
When I wanted to do a thing based on what I already did, IT WENT WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG.


And I don't even know if I want to make it work. Probably later.

26. 1. 2012


I was just thinking that I could really use some new design in here.
I kind of have an idea of how it should look like, what style etc, but everytime I open Photoshop or any other graphic tool, the ideas and mood for making something is suddenly gone.


I am probably destined to be one great failure :)

25. 1. 2012

What sort of sorcery... or idiocy is this.

I just realised that I'm kind of weird.
I think in English. I seriously think in English instead of in Czech. HOW... I don't even...!

Everytime a good idea for my novel-to-be appears in my mind, it's usually in English. So I write it down in English and then I just roll my eyes when I write it down translated. It just sounds so strange... it's maybe because I'm thinking in movie dialogues and they - let's face it - sound better in English.

Or I'm talking to my friends and half of the things I want to say, I can't find words for in czech, so I write them in English. The hell. The serious deepest hell.

Well, afterall I think this probably tells me that I really want to go to Britain and work there for the time our school offers. I think it would be an amazing opportunity, but the thing is... no information about it are up so far. That worries me. One girl from my class was asking about it already and didn't find out a single new thing.

I keep my hopes high, though.

21. 1. 2012

Oh sweet God of Procrastination

On Monday morning I have my last exam.

Might be a good reason for celebration, eh? Well, yeah, kind of.
Except that I haven't even opened my notes. Yet. Sunday evening's going to be this frenzy last minute re-reading of everything. Maybe some table flipping and "fuck that shit, I'm looking up ponies!"-yelling may even occur, but I cannot see into the future.
That subject is that kind of.. well, a bit of history and a bit of common sense. That kind of you don't have to study for it that much if you're intelligent enough to talk it around. Except certain dates, of course... but basically, half of the things we were told in the lectures we've heard already on elementary school in our history lessons. For example I knew before that one of the most important coins of bohemian kingdom was the Prague groschen which's minting started around 1300 by the decision of king Wenceslas II. (and also because silver mines have been discovered in the city of Kutná Hora)... or that the czech word for coat of arms ("erb") comes from German "die Erbe" - "an heir".
And so on and on.

That leaves me procrastinating, this feeling that I can do that without re-reading and any further studying.
Instead of said re-reading am I doing what?

Well, re-watching movies I have never seen completely, just by random pieces and I thought it's about time I shall watch them properly. I have 3,5 hours behind me, another good 7-8 hours before me.
Guess what those movies are?

Well, before I will go and write the exam kind of unprepared, I know I would tell myself that I should've listened to one man:

16. 1. 2012

What the hell is wrong with the world?

More specifically, what is wrong with my marketing professor?

Today I had museology exam (well, it was kind of easy so I have a bad feelling about the result) and after that there was a possibility of getting your mark from marketing written to your study index. So I went there.
When it was my turn to get the mark, the professor just looked at her notes with my score, looked at me in a slightly suspicious/angry way and said:

"Well, you wrote a brilliant test. However, you were writing about different things, your answers were right for the questions your colleagues got in the test on Tuesday and not for the Thursday version you did."

...seriously? Seriously?

I mean.. of course I asked the people who wrote it before me, just to know how exactly were the questions built, so -knowing how I suck at these subjects- I could have a better idea and chance to learn for it and therefore do somehow good.

One girl told me: "Well, we had a task about.. that you're someone from school and you want to make it better for students.. so you had to write how are you going to do that, marketing-wise. You know, the forms of marketing research."
And one of the tasks I had was: "Write, explain and give examples on basic marketing forms."

For me, it's basically the same thing!
But now she obviously thinks I'm a cheater or what?

I would understand her behavior if I didn't attend the classes, did bad on the tests, didn't do the marketing plan project we had to and was just stupid in classes. BUT.
I was attending the classes as much as I could, I did the marketing plan on time (and she even said it was a great work!), even did the damn essay we didn't have to do and when there were some tasks for extra points in the lectures, I was usually the one who got the answer right.
So I don't get it.

I was exploding with anger inside, but I rather kept my mouth shut, because that wouldn't end up good for me no matter how valid my arguments would be.
Thank Gods I learned how to control myself...

14. 1. 2012


A while ago, I just realised how fucking desperate I am.
And I do nothing about it, except whining about it of course.

I mean... I don't know. Should probably write a message to myself:

Look. Look at him. Fucking look at him. See him? Yes. That's him. HIM. And you, my dear, YOU are probably never going to see him because of what? Well yes, because of excatly that thing you are thinking about right now. That's it. He's just soooo somewhere else than you are. Forget it.
I don't care you spend half of your day and night thinking about something that is so not going to happen, even if you would be lucky enough to get your ass there this fall, no, no, no way. That would be too easy, eh?
You should just quit it all. Quit and face that fact that he is probably not for you as much as you're not for him. You know, I said it already, he is somewhere else. Completely somewhere else.
And so are you. You're a naive person who spends too  much time inside her head, planning and imagining your life in the way that is never going to be even if you worked your ass off.
You will never see him, he will never see you and both your lives will just pass without mutual noticing. Lose it. Forget it. Cut it off. Never going to happen.
you are a fucking desperate person that just goes through a tunnel and refuses, I repeat REFUSES to look away from the narrow line that is in front of you. Just fucking look around. There are many others. Why you fail to see it? I know, because you want. Because you want to have this brain eating naive hope that someday, maybe... Oh bollocks. Fucking bollocks. Again, my dear, never going to happen. Face it. You are ugly and you suck.

There, I said it. No need to thank me, daydreaming me.

Your beloved realistic and "I'm gonna hunt your dreams down and slowly destroy them"-me.

Good fucking night. Go to sleep. You are fucking working tomorrow.

9. 1. 2012


I don't even know what I want to write about in this post. I just randomly clicked "write a new post" and what am I trying to do, is to fill up some blank space with meaningless words.
I'd say I am quite good at it.

I think I shall go on about what I like. Game of Thrones.
You all know I am a fangirl. And that I am a fan of house Baratheon. And Stannis fan.
So I have decided I shall make some quick doodles purely for fun and like.. post them on my tumblr. And I was quite surprised that they actually got some "aww this is great" responses there! I mean I am no artist and I don't find them that awesome (because I have seen totally breathtaking drawings or very funny 'caricatures'/cartoon figures about the same thing), but what pleases me more is that random people from the internet waters, who share my feelings about king Stannis and his loyal Davos, like them.

That kind of made my day.

3. 1. 2012

So, eh... New year, you say?

Yeah. There. You can have it.

This year I guess I'll be focusing mainly on the upcoming apocalypse. Probably in the way I will do pure nothing and wait till it strikes me. Also I would like to deal with some people that would surely deserve the upgraded version of high five (aka in the face with a chair) and finally do something useful with my life.
But as the world's going to end, I guess it won't even matter :)

So for those who plan to survive, I wish you all the best!
You see I don't have much plans for 2013 as I am preparing for the apo. I kind of put up with that planning trip to FO is a bit useless, I am not going to finish my "novel" this year for sure (I would have to focus only on that and I am afraid that even a skilled novelist won't sew the random pieces I have together in a reasonable and 'making sense'-way), but I gave myself 10 years. Well, soon enough it's going to be 9 years left.
Oh, fuck, the time flies.

They say your year is going to be mostly like how you are on the New Year.
No wonder the world is fucked up, tired, stupid and in a hangover all year long :)