7. 10. 2012

Turning the tides

It has been a glorious weather in past few days. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, but I knew that a drastic change will happen after it. I knew mostly because not only it is always like that, but also because I have caught even more glorious cold/flu/sore throat/coldsore/whatever-else only some days ago.
That's just the way how my body reacts to it. Some people ("doctors") call it a cold allergy. I have it. And as ridiculous and funny as it sounds, it is not funny, at all.

I have lived through my yoga class when I started feeling a little fever-ish. I wasn't able to perform any position that required bending forward, because all the blood that runs to your head suddenly feels 10000x heavier than it actually is.

The next morning, instead of coffee, I have filled my thermo-bottle with fresh ginger tea (that still smelled like coffee a little because the coffee taste/smell/stains are a bit impossible to get off) and went (not so)happily to school. Then when I came back from work in the evening I was just GLAD I could slam myself on the bed and sleep.

The night was horrible, couldn't breathe and at times I thought my lungs are filled with needles that are trying to find their way out.

Friday was basically a survivor mission, to reach the evening for the final test - double shift at work. Jesus. Freakin'. Christ. I felt like shit. I couldn't speak, yet I had to interact with customers and I tried not to cough at them much, or blow my nose in front of them (though my workmates told me that my nose was very red from the napkin scratches - you know, I ran out of handkerchiefs within the first 40 minutes, so I have destroyed half a pack of napkins we had at work, and they weren't very soft).

Did I say I felt like shit during Friday evening?
Well, guess what, the night from Friday to Saturday was even worse.
My mom, with good intentions, when she heard me speak (better to say when she heard me how am I trying to speak), told me to put a Priessnitz's water wrap around my neck. You know, you first put a wet cloth, then put a plastic sack over it and then add a dry cloth over the plastic sack? Yeah that. It is supposed to help.
God-fucking-damnit. If I slept three hours during the night, I don't know. But either way, I didn't sleep much. I was coughing most of the time, it hurt like hell, my neck felt really uncomfortable and.. aaaaaaaaaargh. I was just glad to get rid of it in the morning. Have to say it did help. But it was horrible. I'm never doing it again.

Well, enough of my sick adventures, let's head to some news.
I am supposed to have an exhibition, the truth is that I haven't even picked the photos (yeah), but I have a small selection and theme and the frames!

And the last news, I got my hair cut. I went for some mainstream hipster look.

That's it, sorry for long-ass post :D

7. 9. 2012

Harddrive's gone

And many things I cared about with it.

It sucks.

Will take me a while untill I figure out what parts I have lost and how to restore them.


When I have a new HDD, I'm going to back-up save the shit out of EVERYTHING.

27. 8. 2012

Sketches: Singers edition

Two of the six "singers", special members of the Raijin order.

There is so much to tell about this group of people but I am too lazy to write it on the internet because I am paranoid and shit.

23. 8. 2012

Sketchy sketches

Toore's gang.
Yet unnamed group and I think it will even remain unnamed. For teh lulz.

My favorites are the last two ones.

The only problem I have is that they all have very simmilar, villain-like eyes, but in their cases it really doesn't matter. As they all are members of one group, that is supposed to have some simmilar "magical" feature, well, eyes.
It would kinda matter if I will decide to draw other characters, main ones, and not minor ones like these are.

Well, we shall see :D

20. 8. 2012

In a weird drawing mood

I have no idea.
I just grabbed a pencil and a paper and within 10 minutes (!!!!!) I did two character sketches for the fantasy-nove-to-be(-that-I-am-currently-stuck-with).

Nothing could describe the amount of surprise. Seriously.
And they are even looking good. I mean they are not perfect, but for minor character sketches they are more than fine.


19. 8. 2012

Well, fuck you weather

So it is ssupposed to close to 40°C next week.
How. I mean..


What did we do to die in such a horrible way, being boiled alive by weather and the sun-heated pavements and roads in the middle of the city.

I hate such hot weather.
I wish for autumn already. I want to curl up in the sofa with my deer sweater on, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and watching the rain outside. Please? Is it too much to ask for?


16. 8. 2012

In love with my nails

I have finally managed to buy myself the crackle nail polish coat.
It - is- A-mazing!

Next stop is the magnetic nailpolish.

13. 8. 2012

Googling deers

Well, I just like them.
And this one was just so pretty I decided to post it to my long-neglected blog.

Also, the following thing is gong to be really irrelevant to the title of this entry, but I dont feel like making a new one specifically for it.
So the closing ceremony in London was brilliant, I mean, just perfect. Even during the opening ceremony I was waiting for something Monty Python related, but I haven't noticed anything of that sort.
With the closing ceremony I was kinda thinking the Spice Girls performance is going to be the highlight of my nostalgy, but then Eric Idle happened. So I turned on online streaming and made a couple of screenshots, for the memories, for my sister to see when she comes back (and before the video of his performance appears on the internet, but meh, I guess she'll watch the whole thing anyway) and then I have decided to post a photoset on my tumblr.

Yea well... it gained over 50 notes within the first minute, over 300 notes within 25 minutes after being posted and now as I am checking it, it currently has over 700 notes.

Fuck me.
So many people reblogging from my tumblr, well that's a first.

Also, I should start doing something useful, preferably go on with my novel, but ...
meh. Inspiration.

12. 8. 2012

You know what

I am just waiting for the closing ceremony in London. That's probably the ultimate highlight of my day and then I'm off to sleep without being tired for a specific reason. Boo. I hate these feelings.

To keep my mind occupied, I am just preparing some backup things for my cult on VF, but after every third word I just open the internet and browse mindlessly on randpm sites for like 10-15 minutes.


The fuck.

I can't.

10. 8. 2012

Summer madness

Well, indeed I am naglecting this blog.
Mostly because I have no idea about what interesting things I shall write, or just nothing interesting happens in my life :)

In short then:

1) I am still working on my fantasy novel-to-be, or at least I am doing my best. I got new fresh ideas while being in Slovakia a month ago, still in a process of sorting them, expanding them and then of course I have started putting the random parts I have already written together and giving them soem actual form. And of course correcting some details and stuf like that :)

2) My "photography" is on hiatus. I mean a loooong, long one.

3) With that being said, I think the exhibition is totally going to happen this year, to my great surprise. Because the owner of the pub where it should happen said he would really like to have new decorations on his walls.

4) Yesterday I have met with my dear friend Yasmi after 7 long years of being only internet friends. It was awesome. All the memories were fun to talk about!

Well and that might be it.
If you still read this, thank you very much for being patient :D

17. 6. 2012

Exams, you funny bitches, why.

So I have last two exams left and I am not going to lie, my brain is pretty much empty.
The worst thing is probably that those two exams are two of the most difficult ones and to be honest I really don't want to repeat either of those two subjects next year. Some people would say "oh come on don't worry, you are going to make it". Ha, ha ha. I mean, one does not simply ace an exam she does not know a shit about.

Subject A: 122 pages of text to study.
Subject B: about 80 pages to study + 35 songs to recognise.
Exam A: Monday 8am
Exam B: Tuesday 9am

Everything would have been much easier if I didn't have to go to work on Sun, Mon, Tues evenings. Pffffft. I will lose the times when I am most able to study.

Well. About time I should stop writing this, as I am obviously wasting the time I could use for the thing I am just ranting about.
I will never learn.

26. 5. 2012

An attempt for an interesting blog entry

Is destined to fail terribly.
For I am going to whine again about how everything sucks and so on.

First things first.

The exhibition opening went well. I was very pleased with the result and everything and so on. I already have a video from it, so we are going to use it instead of a PPT presentation on Monday. Jolly!

I am slowly realising my lack of self-discipline is really a huge problem when trying to study. I just have never learned how to "study", so I really cannot sit over a book for two hours and trying to put some knowledge in my head. Simply what I don't get for the first time automatically, it is made for being forgotten and never to be learned and remembered.
So I am slightly concerned about my upcoming exams.
See instead of trying to study I am writing this self-destructive thing, eh.

The usual part about how I can't move on with my story, that noone loves me, that I suck etc etc I am going to skip, because I talk about it too much already, yeah?

And what is left?
Well, some days ago I got myself a copy of A Feast For Crows, A Dance With Dragons is going to be in my hands as soon as it is published. Yeah.
And I wanted to mention something else, but I forgot. So I guess I will just leave it here...

Oh no, wait. I have remembered.
I am slightly becoming obsessed with magpies and jackdaws. They are cute birds. And they gained their place in my list of planned tattoos. Madness. Total.

Now I can leave it here and end this uninteresting blog entry.

16. 5. 2012

The slaughter

In cca 7 hours I'm about to embarass myself in front of some people.
Even though I only have few sentences to say, I am the first one, therefore I still need to figure out how to gain the attention in a good way. Damn public speeches. Damn it. Damn it. :D

Let's hope it goes well and the share of failures and misfortunes was spent on us already.

29. 4. 2012

I am a despicable human being

Well, lazy, to be precise.
Next saturday we have a deadline for our seminary work about Moravian gallery in Brno.
Nothing big, just 5-10 pages and we are three in the team to make it happen. But guess what.

Yeah we have NOTHING.

Well, nothing.. we have (or more likely I have) the basic structure with all the bullet points and headers. Only the context is missing so far. I did it last week because I thought that it is reaaaaaaaaaally about time to get our asses to work. So I sent it to the other two in my team just to really remind them we have to start getting shit done, seriously.
No response, except on Tuesday one of my teammates was at school, so we discussed the structure on like who is going to write what and so on. Then of course I got ill so I haven't been on afternoon lectures, therefore I have no idea if there was the third teammate.

And now I started writing "my" parts of the work. I mean it's nothing that grand and difficult, but still I have to say I really do prefer working on such things on my own and not having to rely on the others. Also because everyone else has a different writing style, thoughts and so on, therefore it is really difficult to put something readable together. I remember how strange it was to do the marketing plan last semester with another person, and now we are three for this thing.
AND especially when they are the others are working with me. I am a bitch. I seriously am. I wish I weren't, but everytime I see something written by others, when it is supposed to be also my work, I tend to re-write it or at least suggest something slightly different (or at least how I would have done it).

To all this madness, add a bit of illness, inspiration on holiday, new seasons of TV shows, new laptop and lots of fangirling and you understand that I really have no life :D

I am doomed.

17. 4. 2012

Oh my!

One logs in after a longer time and see it's all different! Woah.

A couple of news, maybe?

1) Game of thrones has started again and it's basically everything I care about, mostly. It just occupies my mind quite a lot.

2) In a month we are opening an exhibition, which is going to be a result of our project at school. We have arranged some really interesting ideas, now let's just hope it'll go well.

3) I got myself a brand new mini laptop, so we won't fight over my sister's one. It's a tiny red thing, it's totally awesome and worth getting myself in a big debt :D

And now I guess I shall be getting away from here because in a while I have an appointment and there seems to be some problems with buses out there (according to dpp.cz).. meh -_-

17. 3. 2012

Photoshoot with Víta

(Well, "photoshoot".. just some attempts on portraits :) )

Because Víta is secretly a model in the making (secretly = because she doesn't want to admit to herself).
Also she wanted to show off her new, brilliant haircut, so... a couple of photos.



You can check her amazing fashion blog HERE. I'd say worth browsing through :)

15. 3. 2012

The plans and the future

A couple of quick (or not) updates.

1) Well, there's going to be an exhibition.
No, not mine. I am just a part of the production team that is setting the whole thing up, as a part of our school project. Joy.

2) Which obviously reminds me of that I should really start thinking of setting up my own.
Nothing fancy, I mean, how can it be fancy when I am not even a fancy photographer, but when I sometimes notice some other photos and works and art that have been exhibited, I always ask myself "why not me, I can certainly do as good as they and maybe even better."
I even have a place for it, so the only thing that is preventing me from the exhibition, is my pure laziness.

3) Should I even call myself an author?
Yes, I do write some sort of  novel. Started writing it about 4 years ago, then lost it and found again while I was moving. I have read those few pages and ideas I have scribbled down in 2007/8 and told myself "It's good. It's actually pretty good!" See, I usually feel totally embarassed while reading any story I wrote ages ago. But this one.. this one was different. This one has potential.

So I started writing it again and I gave myself a promise last summer that in 10 years from that moment it shall be finished and ready to be published. I have a little over 9 years to go.

I am even determined to get it done. At least the first part, because obviously.. my long summer nights were very inspirational and productive, so my basic storyline from 2007 got very much expanded to four main parts, with currently four "main" characters, whose storylines I follow mainly.

They have names, those parts, only working titles and nothing official.
Part I - A beginning of an end
Part II - Endless warfare
Part III - Ruins
Part IV - The end of the beginning / New Age

Another fact is, that being influenced (from a tiny little part) by GOT, I think of it as a visual thing. In my mind I am trying to find the right faces and places, and when writing everything down, I imagine it being on screen. It's a dream that is probably never going to happen, but hey, one can have hopes, dreams and ideals that keep one sane from the madness around? :)

4) 18 days left!!!
Game of Thrones, Season two, obviously. What else?

28. 2. 2012

One of those days

You wan't to create, but you can't think of anything.
You want to do something, but you can't concentrate on anything.
You don't want to sit and stare, but you have nothing to do.
You have to do something, but when you finally decide to do it, you just can't go on.
You want to dream, but you can't fall asleep.


9. 2. 2012

I can sleep in peace now.

My day is complete.
Game of Thrones published SEVENTEEN photos from season 2.


And they were so nice they included the characters I wanted to see the most. (OK, then again they forgot about Asha/Yara and Jaqen, but nevermind...)

Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham)

Melisandre of Asshai and Stannis Baratheon (Carice van Houten and Stephen Dillane)

Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie)

Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide)

(All photos taken by Helen Sloan /HBO/)

My bionic parasite

Yeah, to tell the truth, I need to be monitored 24/7 because FBI/CIA needs to know what on Earth am I doing with myself here. I am probably an extremely dangerous person, you see...

...juuuuuust kidding.
Got that because I need to be monitored, that's right, but not me but my blood sugar. It was getting a bit funky lately so my doctor decided I will wear this shell-looking thing on me for about a week.

It's fun so far :D

28. 1. 2012

Game of Thrones strikes my blog again

Because HBO will air a new trailer tomorrow!

And they'd better show us some more of Stannis. Because one can never have enough Stannis. And Davos. And so.

Also, I wish we could see more of Brienne, Asha (ok, Yara...) and Jaqen.
Brienne because all she got in previous videos was one second of her face showed clearly, few seconds of her back and one second 90% of her beind hidden behind Renly.
Asha (Yara.. I will never get used to this!) and Jaqen because he wasn't seen anywhere yet!

Well. Soon 2 months till the premiere. I am getting happy, very, very happy.

Random #2

Well, not exactly what I wanted, but I am not complaining.
When I wanted to do a thing based on what I already did, IT WENT WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG.


And I don't even know if I want to make it work. Probably later.

26. 1. 2012


I was just thinking that I could really use some new design in here.
I kind of have an idea of how it should look like, what style etc, but everytime I open Photoshop or any other graphic tool, the ideas and mood for making something is suddenly gone.


I am probably destined to be one great failure :)

25. 1. 2012

What sort of sorcery... or idiocy is this.

I just realised that I'm kind of weird.
I think in English. I seriously think in English instead of in Czech. HOW... I don't even...!

Everytime a good idea for my novel-to-be appears in my mind, it's usually in English. So I write it down in English and then I just roll my eyes when I write it down translated. It just sounds so strange... it's maybe because I'm thinking in movie dialogues and they - let's face it - sound better in English.

Or I'm talking to my friends and half of the things I want to say, I can't find words for in czech, so I write them in English. The hell. The serious deepest hell.

Well, afterall I think this probably tells me that I really want to go to Britain and work there for the time our school offers. I think it would be an amazing opportunity, but the thing is... no information about it are up so far. That worries me. One girl from my class was asking about it already and didn't find out a single new thing.

I keep my hopes high, though.

21. 1. 2012

Oh sweet God of Procrastination

On Monday morning I have my last exam.

Might be a good reason for celebration, eh? Well, yeah, kind of.
Except that I haven't even opened my notes. Yet. Sunday evening's going to be this frenzy last minute re-reading of everything. Maybe some table flipping and "fuck that shit, I'm looking up ponies!"-yelling may even occur, but I cannot see into the future.
That subject is that kind of.. well, a bit of history and a bit of common sense. That kind of you don't have to study for it that much if you're intelligent enough to talk it around. Except certain dates, of course... but basically, half of the things we were told in the lectures we've heard already on elementary school in our history lessons. For example I knew before that one of the most important coins of bohemian kingdom was the Prague groschen which's minting started around 1300 by the decision of king Wenceslas II. (and also because silver mines have been discovered in the city of Kutná Hora)... or that the czech word for coat of arms ("erb") comes from German "die Erbe" - "an heir".
And so on and on.

That leaves me procrastinating, this feeling that I can do that without re-reading and any further studying.
Instead of said re-reading am I doing what?

Well, re-watching movies I have never seen completely, just by random pieces and I thought it's about time I shall watch them properly. I have 3,5 hours behind me, another good 7-8 hours before me.
Guess what those movies are?

Well, before I will go and write the exam kind of unprepared, I know I would tell myself that I should've listened to one man:

16. 1. 2012

What the hell is wrong with the world?

More specifically, what is wrong with my marketing professor?

Today I had museology exam (well, it was kind of easy so I have a bad feelling about the result) and after that there was a possibility of getting your mark from marketing written to your study index. So I went there.
When it was my turn to get the mark, the professor just looked at her notes with my score, looked at me in a slightly suspicious/angry way and said:

"Well, you wrote a brilliant test. However, you were writing about different things, your answers were right for the questions your colleagues got in the test on Tuesday and not for the Thursday version you did."

...seriously? Seriously?

I mean.. of course I asked the people who wrote it before me, just to know how exactly were the questions built, so -knowing how I suck at these subjects- I could have a better idea and chance to learn for it and therefore do somehow good.

One girl told me: "Well, we had a task about.. that you're someone from school and you want to make it better for students.. so you had to write how are you going to do that, marketing-wise. You know, the forms of marketing research."
And one of the tasks I had was: "Write, explain and give examples on basic marketing forms."

For me, it's basically the same thing!
But now she obviously thinks I'm a cheater or what?

I would understand her behavior if I didn't attend the classes, did bad on the tests, didn't do the marketing plan project we had to and was just stupid in classes. BUT.
I was attending the classes as much as I could, I did the marketing plan on time (and she even said it was a great work!), even did the damn essay we didn't have to do and when there were some tasks for extra points in the lectures, I was usually the one who got the answer right.
So I don't get it.

I was exploding with anger inside, but I rather kept my mouth shut, because that wouldn't end up good for me no matter how valid my arguments would be.
Thank Gods I learned how to control myself...

14. 1. 2012


A while ago, I just realised how fucking desperate I am.
And I do nothing about it, except whining about it of course.

I mean... I don't know. Should probably write a message to myself:

Look. Look at him. Fucking look at him. See him? Yes. That's him. HIM. And you, my dear, YOU are probably never going to see him because of what? Well yes, because of excatly that thing you are thinking about right now. That's it. He's just soooo somewhere else than you are. Forget it.
I don't care you spend half of your day and night thinking about something that is so not going to happen, even if you would be lucky enough to get your ass there this fall, no, no, no way. That would be too easy, eh?
You should just quit it all. Quit and face that fact that he is probably not for you as much as you're not for him. You know, I said it already, he is somewhere else. Completely somewhere else.
And so are you. You're a naive person who spends too  much time inside her head, planning and imagining your life in the way that is never going to be even if you worked your ass off.
You will never see him, he will never see you and both your lives will just pass without mutual noticing. Lose it. Forget it. Cut it off. Never going to happen.
you are a fucking desperate person that just goes through a tunnel and refuses, I repeat REFUSES to look away from the narrow line that is in front of you. Just fucking look around. There are many others. Why you fail to see it? I know, because you want. Because you want to have this brain eating naive hope that someday, maybe... Oh bollocks. Fucking bollocks. Again, my dear, never going to happen. Face it. You are ugly and you suck.

There, I said it. No need to thank me, daydreaming me.

Your beloved realistic and "I'm gonna hunt your dreams down and slowly destroy them"-me.

Good fucking night. Go to sleep. You are fucking working tomorrow.

9. 1. 2012


I don't even know what I want to write about in this post. I just randomly clicked "write a new post" and what am I trying to do, is to fill up some blank space with meaningless words.
I'd say I am quite good at it.

I think I shall go on about what I like. Game of Thrones.
You all know I am a fangirl. And that I am a fan of house Baratheon. And Stannis fan.
So I have decided I shall make some quick doodles purely for fun and like.. post them on my tumblr. And I was quite surprised that they actually got some "aww this is great" responses there! I mean I am no artist and I don't find them that awesome (because I have seen totally breathtaking drawings or very funny 'caricatures'/cartoon figures about the same thing), but what pleases me more is that random people from the internet waters, who share my feelings about king Stannis and his loyal Davos, like them.

That kind of made my day.

3. 1. 2012

So, eh... New year, you say?

Yeah. There. You can have it.

This year I guess I'll be focusing mainly on the upcoming apocalypse. Probably in the way I will do pure nothing and wait till it strikes me. Also I would like to deal with some people that would surely deserve the upgraded version of high five (aka in the face with a chair) and finally do something useful with my life.
But as the world's going to end, I guess it won't even matter :)

So for those who plan to survive, I wish you all the best!
You see I don't have much plans for 2013 as I am preparing for the apo. I kind of put up with that planning trip to FO is a bit useless, I am not going to finish my "novel" this year for sure (I would have to focus only on that and I am afraid that even a skilled novelist won't sew the random pieces I have together in a reasonable and 'making sense'-way), but I gave myself 10 years. Well, soon enough it's going to be 9 years left.
Oh, fuck, the time flies.

They say your year is going to be mostly like how you are on the New Year.
No wonder the world is fucked up, tired, stupid and in a hangover all year long :)