7. 12. 2011

Friday is coming

By Friday, my "awesome music autumn" will be finished.
Because certain crazy faroese folks will play in certain city in my country and HELL I am looking forward. You can't even imagine.

I can't tell when it was the last time I was looking forward to some band so much!
Well, all right, in October I was excited to see Rome, but that was a bit different. Rome are calm music. Music, that makes you daydream and dive deep into your soul.

But Týr?
Týr's music is just that kind of music that makes you scream&shout, jump and headbang all around and enjoying it to the maximum level. It makes you feel free and while you are spending your last bits of energy to shouting lyrics along with the faroese guys, you feel strangely relaxed.

I'm sure that the 4hour long train ride and then waiting for 4am train back home is going to be worth it. Well, must be! Because other two bands (Crimfall and Moonsorrow being the main star) are playing there aswell.

Still, I can't wait to see the faroese vikings rocking it live!

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