18. 12. 2011

Epic concert was epic.


It was a week ago and I still don't have the strength of making post about it brief. It was just so awesome and the guys from Týr are really sweet.
Gunnar (the bassist) and Terji (guitarist) even gave me a small faroese language lesson and I still can't believe it how the hell.. I mean.. it is still so unreal and the only thing telling me it really happened, are the pictures I have and the paper with Gunnar's and Terji's signatures along with the faroese language lesson.

Túsand takk!

7. 12. 2011

Friday is coming

By Friday, my "awesome music autumn" will be finished.
Because certain crazy faroese folks will play in certain city in my country and HELL I am looking forward. You can't even imagine.

I can't tell when it was the last time I was looking forward to some band so much!
Well, all right, in October I was excited to see Rome, but that was a bit different. Rome are calm music. Music, that makes you daydream and dive deep into your soul.

But Týr?
Týr's music is just that kind of music that makes you scream&shout, jump and headbang all around and enjoying it to the maximum level. It makes you feel free and while you are spending your last bits of energy to shouting lyrics along with the faroese guys, you feel strangely relaxed.

I'm sure that the 4hour long train ride and then waiting for 4am train back home is going to be worth it. Well, must be! Because other two bands (Crimfall and Moonsorrow being the main star) are playing there aswell.

Still, I can't wait to see the faroese vikings rocking it live!

4. 12. 2011

Stupidity alert

It strikes when I am staring at the task for an hour or more and still have no idea how to even start. Because everything seems so impossible to finish and even create. It makes me question if my choice of school was the right one. I mean... half of the stuff is connected with marketing and economy. I find these subjects to be very abstract to me. I have no idea. Seriously. They are to me the same like books are for an anaplhabet. Something, well, interesting, but not understandable.

Oh the self-doubting moments. How I hate you. How I hate that you make one huge hell from my life and my dreams.

Here, have them. I'll watch how you destroy them all. Slowly, steadily, precisely. Thank you very much.

Sad facts

You know I am always ranting about how much stuff I need to get done and I have so little time for finishing...

You see? I am doing it again!
Instead of actually working on it, I rant about it.
I just hope I am not the only one.

But giving the fact I work the best under pressure with deadline scratching my back, I still have few days of.. procrastinating. I always tell myself that I will start earlier to get less stressed when tha crazy "MUSTFINISHWORK" phase comes.. well, I worked on that at least this time. One of my papers is 50% finished... and the rest is only in my head, waiting for being written. Nah, nah, nah.

Well... better get my coffee, and...

Brace yourself. Winter is coming.