19. 11. 2011

A message

It's for a certain person, who wrote me yesterday.
Says he made a mistake. Says he is sorry. Says he misses me.
Well guess who that is? You will probably figure out yourself who that is and I can tell you, I had a serious laugh when I read it. I mean, really?

My message to that person is:

Are you for real?
Seriously, what am I?
A doll you can just throw away to the corner one day, break into pieces and destroy and then few months later you hope to find it from the corner all broken up and want to put the pieces back together, hoping everything will be as great as it was before?

No way.

That doll was a mad warrior doll, it just put herself back together on her own and forgot about the owner who broke her down.
And now the owner thinks the doll will run to him tearing from joy that he wants to play with her again?
Oh no no no. It doesn't work this way... he can possess the skills to repair it, but sooner or later the doll will break down again, and in a worse way.
So the doll rather saves herself some freakin' trouble, because she doesn't want to be hurt from the same idiot one more time. Go figure.

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