5. 11. 2011

"The half of November"

In early summer, we made some kind of a bet with my friend.
The deadline is "the half of November", aka 15th.
I think that I am failing terribly. Not sure how my friend, but I htink she is probably doing much better or at least she has much better chances than I have.

I guess that for me it will go as I predicted.
We'll meet and all I could say would be "well, till the next time then?"

I'm being a desperate ass...

...therefore I should probably get back to writing my culturology paper.
Or just go on with me silly story. It's keeping me kinda alive, I'd say.

But now, I want to bury myself, curl up in the corner and die silently. Noone would miss me, at all!

2 komentáře:

  1. co to meleš? :D doing much better? :D tos psala bud ve velký depresi nebo hodně opitá ... věděla bych o někom, kdo tady má jeden veliký potenciál -že by 4 dny před kafem? - hm...?
    Jdu se zahrabat.

  2. to ještě nic neznamená... zvlášť když tam 95% lidí nebudu znát. lol. mega lol.