11. 10. 2011

Warriors, school and warriors again

So the days are growing shorter now, nights are getting colder aswell and things you simply have to have done, they need to be done. Simply said.

Some of them are easy. SO easy, you don't even need to switch on your brain for finishing them.
Some of them are those, when your brain wakes up and thinks "oh man, I think it's about time to get the shit done!"
Some of them are of that certain kind, that you think it's going to be easy and something prooves you wrong. I mean, SO WRONG.
Some of them are impossible, so you don't even bother with them.
And finally, some of them are challenging in the way you simply love and adore.

Culturology and my seminar work for that subject.
"Whatever you choose," the professor said, "but it has to have something to do with culture. Whatever culture you want. Possibilities are countless, you just choose what you like and write about it circa five solid pages."

So I said to myself, what do I like?
Everything, and nothing.
I mean, I could have chosen something about cretain artistic movement. Or about certain style, or language, or just about anything. Really. Because even if I would decide to write about the history and meaning of money, it would still count, since different cultures around the world used different money systems.

But I am a mad warrior. I am a berserker.
I chose something that I never thought much about. I wasn't interested in it in any deeper way nor did I try to research more about it. But yet I told the professor I am going to write about it.

So paint your face, mad girl, and fear nothing. School is a battlefield and you are a warrior. You wear your warpaint every day to face another fight and you still keep surviving.

Warriors, thieves and madmen.

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