16. 10. 2011

Prague - Rome

The highlight of my neofolk autumn.

It was actually the second time when I went to a show I was looking forward to SO MUCH and didn't have my camera with me (the first time it was Emilie Autumn when my sister was *somewhere on some figure skating thing* and had the camera with her, this time it was because of her again, since she broke the camera down). I thought I am going to die. I love taking photos at concerts, even though 95% of them are shitty as hell. I want to have the pictures for myself, by myself.

But, nevermind. The "good" thing was that I should concentrate more on the beauty of the music and not trying to catch the best light and angles in order to have a cool picture.

At the end of the whole show, I felt like crying. Not only because they were playing one of my favorite songs (Swords to rust, hearts to dust), but also because the whole atmosphere was just kinda overwhelming. Ah, yes.

And Jerome, the frontman, is just very kind and friendly.

Btw, thanks Ája for saving my photographic arse and taking the pictures <3

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  1. tyjo ženo já tu tak na to koukam a ty playlisty, co máme, jsou uplně jiný :O já mu asi fakt ukradla nějaký ultimátní poznámky... Eh. :D