24. 8. 2011

The story will continue

But only as soon as I will find my blue flashdisc.

I got drowned into my creation. In order to keep it safe I had it only and only on that one flasdisc. I left it by the computer yesterday and then probably put it on the usual place on my bedside table... I think I have seen it in the morning on the table and now when I need it, it is gone.

Just... gone.
Gone with all my twisted world and the effort put into it.

I know it is around here somewhere, IT HAS TO BE. I don't want to lose it. I really don't. I am freaking out. I know I shouldn't. Shouldn't panic. My life doesn't depend on it but it will be very sad to lose such a thing that....

Ah well. I hate losing things I create with love and put so much into them. I already lost a couple of stories with great idea, one was even over 75 A4 pages long and I was strongly determined to finish it, but it was lost as my old computer died.

I hope that when I am back from work with my head messed up with different things than "where is that flashdisc!!!", it will appear.

Right now, I am freaking out again.

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