2. 8. 2011

Sooooo not there

My mind is away most of the time, in past days.

All I ask is to have a quiet place where noone will ever disturb me, so I could get into my creative mood. When I finally settle down, *BAM*, something is there, something very disturbing is there and it doesn't want to leave. It only wants attention. It is only nagging and pissing the hell out of me. Is it too much for me to ask?
Is it so difficult to see, when I have closed my door, put my headphones on it means I want to be left alone, without anyone asking if I am allright, if I need anything or just go and be there, staring at me?
Obviously it is. And screaming at you "GET OUT doesn't help at all, it seems.
I don't know what more shall I do, how else shall I show you I want to have my quiet peace.

Therefore, I create during the nights. I sleep few hours a day, just to get my mind settled and embrace the inspiring darkness, which helps me to create and live inside my world.

And that's all.

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