17. 8. 2011

So, like... Game of Thrones season 2?

I became a serious junkie and a fangirl extraordinaire.
I don't remember if there has been anything I've liked so much in my life so far, that I am looking forward to in this crazy way.

Well. I said to myself that I am going to buy the second book (The clash of the kings) after I am back from Ireland, but... I am so tepmted. Seriously, I am tempted to just go, get my fat ass to the bookstore and spend majority of my salary (I just recieved yesterday) and buy myself those 944 pages of another reading-orgasm (lol).

Because I am such an impatient person, that's the thing.

I suck, I read some spoilers from the story, but I really DO WANT to know what is going to happen so I don't have to wait for April 15th, when there is going to be the first episode of Season 2. Yay, yay.
As I was looking for some info (or possible stills from the set!), I got to an article with a list of all the new characters and their cast.
I am impressed with majority of them.
Not so much with one certain actress that has already been in a quite famous HBO serie and she looks like a brat you would just love to punch, but otherwise I think the producers made some great choices.
Mostly with:

Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon

Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar

Gemma Whelan as Asha (Yara) Greyjoy

(all illustrations © Amok)

Hands down.
And April 15, please, come fast.

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