31. 8. 2011

School's about to start

Like cca in a week and I still don't know my timetable.
In June they told everyone that the timetable creating system will be opened the last week in August (the last day being today!!!) AT LEAST.
So I am freaking out. I need to get everything ready before next Thursday, otherwise I'm kinda fucked... shall we say...

Or I am freaking out too much. That's completely normal with me, I guess.

Also waiting for a confirmation mail for a ticket I bought in a very strange system (on the website: fill in your name, e-mail, variable symbol and select the number of tickets. The payment is possible from account to account only, therefore don't forget to write the variable symbol correctly so we can make sure it is you who paid and we can put you rname on the list - WHAT ON EARTH). A friend of mine ordered the ticket about 3 weeks ago and in 16 days she still didn't recieve any confirmation, so she just wrote an e-mail there, slightly pissed off, and recieved an answer saying something like "Oh sorry we forgot to write you, yes, payment successfully done".

It's a sunny late summer/early autumn morning and I have no inspiration whatsoever.
I guess I would end up being awake till 2am again. Lol.

2 komentáře:

  1. What did you buy tickets for? A concert? :)
    Good luck with school!

  2. Well it's some kind of a czech "goth" festival, but some good bands are going to be there :)