27. 8. 2011


I kinda like those animals, not sure why.
I find them funny at some point, but also very awesome.

I guess this whole deer thing started a couple of years ago in a sport-touristic week we had with our school. We were divided into teams and were told to think of names for the team during the walk we took from place A to place B. We were just chatting and one guy from our team, he had a sort of strange sense of humour, told us a joke which punch line was that "a chivalrous deer will come and visit you".
At that point, some of us didn't understand the joke, some of us were laughing our assess of. And from that very moment we decided our team will be called "Chivalrous deers", in czech "Galantní jeleni". Others were calling us simply "The deers" or one professor who's attitude was "stupid teams have stupid names" called us "Jeleni v ječmeni" (The deers in barley).

So like, a deer became our "totem" animal. Since that I find everything with deer cool.
I possess a few things with deer on it, f.e. a green felt deer "christmas decor" above my bed or a small purse with deer on it. Yesterday I got another deer thing - a pair of beautiful earrings.

A friend of mine, who is also a fan of ASOIAF, told me:
"You told me that you find Stannis Baratheon to be a badass. And you have lots of things with deers. Hey, that makes you a total supporter of the house Baratheon!"
(FYI - house Baratheon has a black crowned stag on gold on their coat of arms)

Eh eh. Everything is now connected with that serie, man. Everyone loves it. Seriously.
Even when I see the czech lion, I always think like - house Lannister copied it.

Who's going crazy? I am.

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