31. 8. 2011

School's about to start

Like cca in a week and I still don't know my timetable.
In June they told everyone that the timetable creating system will be opened the last week in August (the last day being today!!!) AT LEAST.
So I am freaking out. I need to get everything ready before next Thursday, otherwise I'm kinda fucked... shall we say...

Or I am freaking out too much. That's completely normal with me, I guess.

Also waiting for a confirmation mail for a ticket I bought in a very strange system (on the website: fill in your name, e-mail, variable symbol and select the number of tickets. The payment is possible from account to account only, therefore don't forget to write the variable symbol correctly so we can make sure it is you who paid and we can put you rname on the list - WHAT ON EARTH). A friend of mine ordered the ticket about 3 weeks ago and in 16 days she still didn't recieve any confirmation, so she just wrote an e-mail there, slightly pissed off, and recieved an answer saying something like "Oh sorry we forgot to write you, yes, payment successfully done".

It's a sunny late summer/early autumn morning and I have no inspiration whatsoever.
I guess I would end up being awake till 2am again. Lol.

27. 8. 2011


I kinda like those animals, not sure why.
I find them funny at some point, but also very awesome.

I guess this whole deer thing started a couple of years ago in a sport-touristic week we had with our school. We were divided into teams and were told to think of names for the team during the walk we took from place A to place B. We were just chatting and one guy from our team, he had a sort of strange sense of humour, told us a joke which punch line was that "a chivalrous deer will come and visit you".
At that point, some of us didn't understand the joke, some of us were laughing our assess of. And from that very moment we decided our team will be called "Chivalrous deers", in czech "Galantní jeleni". Others were calling us simply "The deers" or one professor who's attitude was "stupid teams have stupid names" called us "Jeleni v ječmeni" (The deers in barley).

So like, a deer became our "totem" animal. Since that I find everything with deer cool.
I possess a few things with deer on it, f.e. a green felt deer "christmas decor" above my bed or a small purse with deer on it. Yesterday I got another deer thing - a pair of beautiful earrings.

A friend of mine, who is also a fan of ASOIAF, told me:
"You told me that you find Stannis Baratheon to be a badass. And you have lots of things with deers. Hey, that makes you a total supporter of the house Baratheon!"
(FYI - house Baratheon has a black crowned stag on gold on their coat of arms)

Eh eh. Everything is now connected with that serie, man. Everyone loves it. Seriously.
Even when I see the czech lion, I always think like - house Lannister copied it.

Who's going crazy? I am.

24. 8. 2011

The story will continue

But only as soon as I will find my blue flashdisc.

I got drowned into my creation. In order to keep it safe I had it only and only on that one flasdisc. I left it by the computer yesterday and then probably put it on the usual place on my bedside table... I think I have seen it in the morning on the table and now when I need it, it is gone.

Just... gone.
Gone with all my twisted world and the effort put into it.

I know it is around here somewhere, IT HAS TO BE. I don't want to lose it. I really don't. I am freaking out. I know I shouldn't. Shouldn't panic. My life doesn't depend on it but it will be very sad to lose such a thing that....

Ah well. I hate losing things I create with love and put so much into them. I already lost a couple of stories with great idea, one was even over 75 A4 pages long and I was strongly determined to finish it, but it was lost as my old computer died.

I hope that when I am back from work with my head messed up with different things than "where is that flashdisc!!!", it will appear.

Right now, I am freaking out again.

22. 8. 2011

It is home!

Finally, a long awaited day for me!

After spending nearly 2 hours at my optician, I managed to get my ass out to the middle of the city, to find this small quiet street where is this small quiet shop, where magic happens.
Few shelves filled with a great amount of stories, that can totally conquer your brain for a long time.

And there, there it was. My order. George R. R. Martin's "A Clash of the Kings", second part of A Song of Ice and Fire.

I couldn't wait until I am back home, so I could smell the paper and the print before I start reading it.
Ah, ah.
What can I say. It is in my hands for only a couple of hours and I am already near the 100th page. About 850 pages more left...

20. 8. 2011

Creepy is being creepy

And so it happened, that on a castle we went with my sister few days ago, we saw a ghost.
Wait, no, my sister did. And she took a picture of it.

Nothing that impressive, I know.
There was just this side tower near one of the main gates and when you looked to the small window from the outside and tried to take a picture, of course the light was all fucked up and it made a picture like this. We just thought it's funny to capture something "creepy" and when we were browsing the pics back home, clicking from the first one to another just made us go "aaaargh, creepy is being creepy!"

My back is sunburnt. Nevermind I put lotion SPF 50+ on it. I am just an easy victim for sunshine.

19. 8. 2011

No, I didn't resist at all.

Well yeah I was tempted because I didn't want to wait until I am back from Ireland (that would be like in a month). So... I ordered the book.

I hope to hold it in my ASOIAF-addicted hands next week, if everything goes fine.
"Squee squee squee!" said the fangirl.

17. 8. 2011

So, like... Game of Thrones season 2?

I became a serious junkie and a fangirl extraordinaire.
I don't remember if there has been anything I've liked so much in my life so far, that I am looking forward to in this crazy way.

Well. I said to myself that I am going to buy the second book (The clash of the kings) after I am back from Ireland, but... I am so tepmted. Seriously, I am tempted to just go, get my fat ass to the bookstore and spend majority of my salary (I just recieved yesterday) and buy myself those 944 pages of another reading-orgasm (lol).

Because I am such an impatient person, that's the thing.

I suck, I read some spoilers from the story, but I really DO WANT to know what is going to happen so I don't have to wait for April 15th, when there is going to be the first episode of Season 2. Yay, yay.
As I was looking for some info (or possible stills from the set!), I got to an article with a list of all the new characters and their cast.
I am impressed with majority of them.
Not so much with one certain actress that has already been in a quite famous HBO serie and she looks like a brat you would just love to punch, but otherwise I think the producers made some great choices.
Mostly with:

Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon

Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar

Gemma Whelan as Asha (Yara) Greyjoy

(all illustrations © Amok)

Hands down.
And April 15, please, come fast.

16. 8. 2011


As a celebration of my blogpost number ONE HUNDRED, I am going to post nothing that much interesting.

Just a thing I sutmbled across while browsing a random tumblr (oh tumblr, you one hell of a site!)
Not to mention I found on one tumblr blog SO MANY drool-like pictures, so it just happened that I spent the previous hour there, just browsing through it. Eh eh.

So, I wish myself another hundred of these mindless and useless posts not many people read.

14. 8. 2011

Back from the forests

I thought the week would be unbearable for me because of some circumstances.
Surprisingly, it went better than I expected.

Every day, running through a forest. I didn't care about the mosquito bites. I didn't care about that I wasn't used to running this much and had to stop every once in a while to catch my breath nor I did care about possibly looking like a complete ass while meeting random mushroom-picking people in the morning.
With Týr in my mp3 player, with beautiful nature around, I felt great. Sorted out some of my thoughts, found new and exciting ones for me to think about in the evening when I couldn't sleep.

Beautiful, beautiful rainy days.

5. 8. 2011

Into the forests

Hopefully I will find my inner peace there and lots of random inspirational things.

Still need to pack my coffee and other stuff, so I can let go and leave for a week and just.. well, just so.
I have no idea why am I writing this, probably to leave something here for you to wonder. Totally irrelevant.


So, leaving for a while to let my fantasy grow.
And also for your own entertainment leaving here soem fabulous thing I found out some days ago. Wish they could make this show happen!

2. 8. 2011

Sooooo not there

My mind is away most of the time, in past days.

All I ask is to have a quiet place where noone will ever disturb me, so I could get into my creative mood. When I finally settle down, *BAM*, something is there, something very disturbing is there and it doesn't want to leave. It only wants attention. It is only nagging and pissing the hell out of me. Is it too much for me to ask?
Is it so difficult to see, when I have closed my door, put my headphones on it means I want to be left alone, without anyone asking if I am allright, if I need anything or just go and be there, staring at me?
Obviously it is. And screaming at you "GET OUT doesn't help at all, it seems.
I don't know what more shall I do, how else shall I show you I want to have my quiet peace.

Therefore, I create during the nights. I sleep few hours a day, just to get my mind settled and embrace the inspiring darkness, which helps me to create and live inside my world.

And that's all.

1. 8. 2011


I fucked up my blog design, shame on me. Gonna work my ass off to put it back in some order -_-