11. 7. 2011

RIP Nedu the guineapig (20.6.2010-11.7.2011)

Today we had to put my beloved punk guineapig Nedu to sleep :(

He was only one year old, but sadly, his back teeth grew very fast and therefore over the past week he could barely eat anything and he almost drooled everything out :(
It was sad to see him crawling for food but when he started eating, he just couldn't swallow it :( The vet was fair enough to tell us that even if we would invest up to 5000 CZK for an operation, where they would chop the teeth a bit off, but as rodents are small animals they wouldn't have to survive the narcose.. and even if he would, the teeth would grow back in the same way.
So, as sad and difficult as it was for me and my sis, it was the best choice to put him to sleep than to torture him with some operation with uncertain result or having him at home for a week where he would starve slowly to death :(

It was sad to see him there, if he could speak I am sure he would say something like "why are you leaving me here, don't you love me?" aw dear, I shouldn't think of it like that, but... *sigh* he was like a family member. So I pet him for the last time and said "bye Nedu..." and left the vet. I think that he fell asleep within 20 minutes..

I'm going to miss my lovely punk piggie friend.
Even before we went to the vet this morning, he was still running around the flat and making all the silly stuff he always did...

Well, Nedu, you were a fun furry friend for me, rest in peace, I am going to miss you A LOT, but you are in a place with all piggie friends and feel no pain <3

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