18. 7. 2011

I cannot wait!


OK I admit, holidays are going to be over and school madness will start all over again, but as my summer holidays aren't anything that much special so far, I am looking forward to the second week of September.
You ask why?


I'm sure it's going to be a great post-summer & pre-school adventure, since I'm going there with my most 'messed-up-in-the-very-best-way' friend Ája and what's more, lovely miss Kweev I know from VF is going to be so lovely and act as our guide through the irish capital and show us what this city has to offer.

I mean how awesome it is?
Very awesome it is.

So my task now is to survive the following weeks and then... Imímis, Baile Átha Cliath!

1 komentář:

  1. I want to assure you my dear, that you are not the only one who counts every single day.... BUT Guinness cannot wait for us!! ...as well as Jameson do. Not mentioning the irish wolfhound lying beside charming irish setter in front of a giant fireplace made of stone. And we'll reach that point :D veeeery soon!!