30. 7. 2011

Despair and boredom

Just so...

I can't be bothered anymre, really.
Don't know if it's partially this gloomy rainy weather's fault, but right now I feel like my life is not going anywhere, after yesterday's conversation with a workmate.

Talking about your life? Check.
Talking about when you want to get married and have kids? Check.
Talking about the times you loved when you were a kid yourself? Check.
Talking about not fulfilling the expectations you had for your current age when you were a kid? Check.
Talking about how there isn't a man crazy enough to fall for you? Check.
Talking about how is it going to feel when you die? Check.
Talking about if there's any afterlife? Check.
Talking about how it's going to look like? Check.
Talking abotu suicidal tendencies? Check.

All within 20 damn minutes and your dreams are shattered to millions of tiny pieces.

Not like I want to lose hope, but sometimes I start to believe there isn't any.

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  1. As a smart girl once said to me: Awesome things will come to you when you expect it the least! And that's exactly what's going to happen for you, too!