17. 7. 2011

Damn insomnia

Or more likely "damn the evening coffee at work" (though it was delicious).

I was trying to fall asleep from 2am till 3am - didn't work. So I switched the computer on again, watched another episode of Expedition Impossible, My Little Pony and as I was so bored and in the need of sleep, I made few gif images (woohoo, finally!). Then it was nearly 5am and I noticed the sun rising... so I went out to try and take a couple of pictures - didn't work aswell.
Came back home, finished another gif image, watched another MLP and then it was about 6.30.. em, time to sleep?
I believe I fell asleep around 7, but woke up at 9.

I think my afternoon is going to be spent in bed, catching up some sleep. Ha, ha, ha.

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