22. 7. 2011

A bittersweet day


Well, my facebook newsfeed is filled with impressions from San Diego Comic Con where the cast of Game of Thrones was.
All interviews with the cast (f.e. Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Jason Momoa) and all that jazz, I became really jealous I wasn't there. Meh. Also there was a 6 minutes clip to present on the ComicCon what happened on GoT SO FAR, and that made me go like this:

"I SERIOUSLY WANT NEW SERIE NOW!!!!!!!! Or the books, also now."


And the other "bittersweet" stuff - yesterday I have seen the last Harry Potter.
That means that one era that I liked just ended :O and there will be no more new Potter adventures :(
When it comes to the movie... (SPOILER ALERT and EXPECTATIONS DESTROYER?)

 ... I was disappointed. It left me a bit "meh". I expected more.
It was showing that it was made for 3D, all those funky sky diving and flying and this sort of shots.
Not to mention that scene "19 years later" was pure embarassing, for laughs (like the whole cinema started laughing as hell, no kidding!), in attempt how to make nearly 40year old people from a bunch of 17year old kids. Fail!
Also, all Hermione did was suddenly coming forth from the background with this "OMGREALLY" expression and looking concerned.. eh. She was kinda, useless.
It was a bit of a mess, trying to put from the book as many things as possible into the movie...

...only really good scene was, surprise (not so big), every where Snape was.

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