30. 7. 2011

Despair and boredom

Just so...

I can't be bothered anymre, really.
Don't know if it's partially this gloomy rainy weather's fault, but right now I feel like my life is not going anywhere, after yesterday's conversation with a workmate.

Talking about your life? Check.
Talking about when you want to get married and have kids? Check.
Talking about the times you loved when you were a kid yourself? Check.
Talking about not fulfilling the expectations you had for your current age when you were a kid? Check.
Talking about how there isn't a man crazy enough to fall for you? Check.
Talking about how is it going to feel when you die? Check.
Talking about if there's any afterlife? Check.
Talking about how it's going to look like? Check.
Talking abotu suicidal tendencies? Check.

All within 20 damn minutes and your dreams are shattered to millions of tiny pieces.

Not like I want to lose hope, but sometimes I start to believe there isn't any.

23. 7. 2011

My new bible

Thank you my lovely sister!

Now I've got 800 pages of pure awesomeness for myself. Ah, ah...

Game of Thrones

22. 7. 2011

A bittersweet day


Well, my facebook newsfeed is filled with impressions from San Diego Comic Con where the cast of Game of Thrones was.
All interviews with the cast (f.e. Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Jason Momoa) and all that jazz, I became really jealous I wasn't there. Meh. Also there was a 6 minutes clip to present on the ComicCon what happened on GoT SO FAR, and that made me go like this:

"I SERIOUSLY WANT NEW SERIE NOW!!!!!!!! Or the books, also now."


And the other "bittersweet" stuff - yesterday I have seen the last Harry Potter.
That means that one era that I liked just ended :O and there will be no more new Potter adventures :(
When it comes to the movie... (SPOILER ALERT and EXPECTATIONS DESTROYER?)

18. 7. 2011

I cannot wait!


OK I admit, holidays are going to be over and school madness will start all over again, but as my summer holidays aren't anything that much special so far, I am looking forward to the second week of September.
You ask why?


I'm sure it's going to be a great post-summer & pre-school adventure, since I'm going there with my most 'messed-up-in-the-very-best-way' friend Ája and what's more, lovely miss Kweev I know from VF is going to be so lovely and act as our guide through the irish capital and show us what this city has to offer.

I mean how awesome it is?
Very awesome it is.

So my task now is to survive the following weeks and then... Imímis, Baile Átha Cliath!

17. 7. 2011

Damn insomnia

Or more likely "damn the evening coffee at work" (though it was delicious).

I was trying to fall asleep from 2am till 3am - didn't work. So I switched the computer on again, watched another episode of Expedition Impossible, My Little Pony and as I was so bored and in the need of sleep, I made few gif images (woohoo, finally!). Then it was nearly 5am and I noticed the sun rising... so I went out to try and take a couple of pictures - didn't work aswell.
Came back home, finished another gif image, watched another MLP and then it was about 6.30.. em, time to sleep?
I believe I fell asleep around 7, but woke up at 9.

I think my afternoon is going to be spent in bed, catching up some sleep. Ha, ha, ha.

15. 7. 2011


When a man grows long hair and a beard, gets a sword and looks like a medieval lord, he turns sexy and more awesome. At least for me.


Gonna give you some examples, though they are (nearly) all from one show, but it proves my point.
[Legend: Name of the actor (name of the displayed character; show)]

Sean Bean (Eddard Stark; Game of Thrones)

Jamie Sives (Jory Cassel; Game of Thrones)

Kit Harington (Jon Snow; Game of Thrones)

BUT let's not stay stuck with only fantasy/medieval/viking warriors. Let's turn ourselves to God.

François Arnaud (Cesare Borgia; The Borgias)

And now you have the right to call me a hopeless maniac. Ah ah.

11. 7. 2011

RIP Nedu the guineapig (20.6.2010-11.7.2011)

Today we had to put my beloved punk guineapig Nedu to sleep :(

He was only one year old, but sadly, his back teeth grew very fast and therefore over the past week he could barely eat anything and he almost drooled everything out :(
It was sad to see him crawling for food but when he started eating, he just couldn't swallow it :( The vet was fair enough to tell us that even if we would invest up to 5000 CZK for an operation, where they would chop the teeth a bit off, but as rodents are small animals they wouldn't have to survive the narcose.. and even if he would, the teeth would grow back in the same way.
So, as sad and difficult as it was for me and my sis, it was the best choice to put him to sleep than to torture him with some operation with uncertain result or having him at home for a week where he would starve slowly to death :(

It was sad to see him there, if he could speak I am sure he would say something like "why are you leaving me here, don't you love me?" aw dear, I shouldn't think of it like that, but... *sigh* he was like a family member. So I pet him for the last time and said "bye Nedu..." and left the vet. I think that he fell asleep within 20 minutes..

I'm going to miss my lovely punk piggie friend.
Even before we went to the vet this morning, he was still running around the flat and making all the silly stuff he always did...

Well, Nedu, you were a fun furry friend for me, rest in peace, I am going to miss you A LOT, but you are in a place with all piggie friends and feel no pain <3