27. 6. 2011

Summer stuckness

Well, here we go again.

Summer holidays started properly and I am just stuck with my own boredom. I have not so much interesting plans for summer, people I'd like to hang out with are somewhere faaaaaaar far away, I have to go to work only a couple of evenings in a week and when I try to look for something I could do during the day (and what would also help me with paying my debts!), just nothing.
When you don't have any connections, you kinda have no chance of getting a good work when you don't want to be stuck in a supermarket, callcenter or sell some toys "for a good cause" in the streets.

I plan to visit my lovely friend in Pilsen. The only question is, if she will have time for me, because it has been so long since the last time we have seen :( I kinda miss her.

My only hope for some awesome adventure is a trip to Dublin in September.
Going there with Ája and about to meet miss Kweev there, it is going to be awesome. It has to be!
And I am taking my plushie Lipizanner with me.

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