20. 6. 2011

Old horse friends

Yesterday with my best friends we went to see a place, where one of our favorite horses lives.
I have to admit he is something like "the horse of my life", because the first time we "met", I was 7 years and he was 6.

That horse, Koran, is going to turn 20 next February.
He is still a darling, and I was surprised he still remembered all us three. The owner now said that whenever someone new comes, he is all grumpy and nasty, but to us he came with bright eyes and he was stretching his neck towards us. Such an awesome feeling, to know that a horse rememberes you after those few years you haven't seen him...

When he was young, he was this dark grey horse, but as he was growing older, he was turning more white. And now he is white, only with those small brown dots.
Still, he has one of the most interesting horse personality.

So Koran, hang in there. You're going to live up 30, or even more, I'm sure!

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