3. 6. 2011

My great-great-great-great-grandfather

He was a total badass, seriously.

Josephus von Vychner.

High officer of austro-hungarian army, he was an important persona in austro-sardinian wars. From what my dad and me found out do far, he had a great success in the battle of Melegnano in 1848 and was probably given a title because of Joseph Radetzky von Radetz's reference.

He became a really wealthy and honoured man in the army, he earned a lot of money and some summer castle near Vienna. But, unfortunately, he was that kind of a man who enjoyed life on the maximum volume. During the years he lost all his possesions because he liked casinos, wine and women.
Man, Grandpa, if you weren't like that, I could have been living a high-society life in Vienna now...

When I was taking more detailed pictures of the only photograph we have, I tried to look for the names of the medals he has. I am only 100% on the second one from right, it's called "Signum laudis", it's a military merit medal. And then the biggest one on the left, it looks like some lesser medal of the "Order of the Golden Fleece" (which is a very old order, mind you!).

And I really want to look for more information about that man.
When my dad wanted to find some more information about him in his birthplace, he was told that the archive burned down during the WW2, so all the registries from basically 16th century till that very day were simply gone.

I still think that if I would really want to find some more about him, I shall get my ass to Vienna and look for some registry of austro-hungarian officers. If he was this kind of a high officer, there really must be some trace of him, somewhere!

This I shall declare one of my quests.

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