12. 6. 2011

Museum night 2011

So as my sis works in the university library, the faculty decided to take part in this year's museum night (night when majority of museums or similar institutions are opened till 1am and for free) and she asked me if I want to help with the organisation.

Well of course I wanted!
With her and her other collegue we were leading geography quiz, and it was fun! The people who took part as official contestants said it was an awesome idea. We were reading pieces of some travel books from 19/20th century and the contestans had to guess the location that was described there.

Even met my high school english teacher there who was surprised to see me, asked if I study here in the faculty of nature sciences, so I just said that no, but I study museum and gallery services, so therefore the whole concept of museum night is pretty much close to me.

I'll have some pictures in few days, well.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Why don't the museums in Belgium do this?!