5. 6. 2011

2 exams to go

...and if I pass them, I am done with school for year 2010/2011.

Economy tomorrow.
Test is going to have 70 in total, and to pass the subject I need to get at least 6 points. I think I am going to make it.

Database systems on Thursday.
Test is going to have again 70 points in total, and to pass the subject I need at least 7 points. Well, I know I am going to pass it, because last week I've been lstudying for it like mad (because I was writing shitloads of correction tests so I could get enough points to be even let to the exam, and in the end the professor tells me that I got the needed amount 2 correction tests before, so I didn't have to bother myself. Damnit... :D ).

Even though I have so many rants going on inside my head, I kinda block them and let them bother me in my dreams. It's quite good have to say.
All those shitty events that happened to me in past month now don't seem to get to me when I am awake, but they change themselves to pretty disturbing dreams, that I luckilly don't remember that much. Only unimportant scraps. And for my dream diary they would make it to one sentence, that wouldn't make sense at all. That's fair enough.

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