29. 6. 2011

Oh god, PONIES!

Don't know why, but I started watching My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

I remember watching the old cartoons when I was a kid... or at least I guess it was My Little Pony. It has to! Because I don't remember any more cartoons that had SO MUCH colorful ponies.
I know I even had 2 pony dolls (and one was glowing in the dark!). Then I borrowed one pony to one girl from my nursery school and she never returned it back to me, bitch!

Though, this MLP-FIM I am watching now... Oh God. So much sillyness going on there that it leaves me no time for thinking abotu serious stuff that is occupying my mind usually 24/7.

I want a T-shirt with Applejack! PLEASE.

28. 6. 2011

Gem crafting

Been playing this game last summer, when I was stuck.
And I discovered it again few days ago.


You have a map and a route. At the end of the route there is your base you have to defend against the monsters coming in waves out of a den at the beginning of a route. The way how you defeat them, is by building towers, to which you place gems. You can combine the gems in order to create higher level gem and make the most powerful combination gem to defeat them all monsters.
Now I just can't get myself over the first "epic" level and "epic boss". I know that the last time it also took me quite some time to pass that, but I made it. Ha ha, summer procrastination, here we go!

Only bad thing is that it's an online game and I can't download it and play it when I'm in Slovakia next week, where I have no internet access. Oh boo.

27. 6. 2011

Summer stuckness

Well, here we go again.

Summer holidays started properly and I am just stuck with my own boredom. I have not so much interesting plans for summer, people I'd like to hang out with are somewhere faaaaaaar far away, I have to go to work only a couple of evenings in a week and when I try to look for something I could do during the day (and what would also help me with paying my debts!), just nothing.
When you don't have any connections, you kinda have no chance of getting a good work when you don't want to be stuck in a supermarket, callcenter or sell some toys "for a good cause" in the streets.

I plan to visit my lovely friend in Pilsen. The only question is, if she will have time for me, because it has been so long since the last time we have seen :( I kinda miss her.

My only hope for some awesome adventure is a trip to Dublin in September.
Going there with Ája and about to meet miss Kweev there, it is going to be awesome. It has to be!
And I am taking my plushie Lipizanner with me.

20. 6. 2011

Old horse friends

Yesterday with my best friends we went to see a place, where one of our favorite horses lives.
I have to admit he is something like "the horse of my life", because the first time we "met", I was 7 years and he was 6.

That horse, Koran, is going to turn 20 next February.
He is still a darling, and I was surprised he still remembered all us three. The owner now said that whenever someone new comes, he is all grumpy and nasty, but to us he came with bright eyes and he was stretching his neck towards us. Such an awesome feeling, to know that a horse rememberes you after those few years you haven't seen him...

When he was young, he was this dark grey horse, but as he was growing older, he was turning more white. And now he is white, only with those small brown dots.
Still, he has one of the most interesting horse personality.

So Koran, hang in there. You're going to live up 30, or even more, I'm sure!

19. 6. 2011

Late night thoughts

Why yes, I am a hopeless dreamer.

I'm living inside my head full of fantasy and unreal scenarios, but the odd thing is that they keep me alive from the real world. I need my twisted mind in order to make the real life more pleasant for myself.

Who cares that the man of my dreams doesn't exist in person, or I haven't met him yet? He is in my mind, telling me he will come one day with a kiss full of love.

I know he is hiding somewhere out there.
In these matters, the ancient Greeks were right. You know that Zeus created man with 4 arms, 4 legs and 2 heads. But then he feared that man would become more powerful than gods themselves, so he cut a man in a half - each half had one face, 2 arms and 2 legs. Therefore, humans have been forced to spend the rest of their lives in finding their other half.
I know mine is somewhere. It needs only patience and belief.

But sometimes it's difficult. When you just walk around in the streets, you can't help but notice all those happy couples. You say it's nice to see someone happy, but at the same time some little devil at the very back of your soul is screaming and destroying everything in despair, asking "why, why am I alone? What if I remain alone?"

Well, as I said. He is waiting for me somewhere, or I am waiting for him. I just pray to every possible spirit or god, that he is not too far away, because I am afraid I couldn't cope with a long-distance relationship anymore... not now at least.

So dear sir, wherever you are, please, let me know soon. I am waiting.

16. 6. 2011

Seasonal changes in music taste

Or at least listening.
I've just realised that.

During winter I'm listening to lots of neofolk and dark ambient.
During summer, here we go, METAL!

Because I've found myself listening to lots of metal songs lately that make me think of some epic journeys around the world and stuff like that... (yes the brightest example is Týr and my intentions to go hiking to Norway or roadtrip through Faroe Islands and horseriding in Iceland or biking in Sweden).

And in winter things like DV or Di6 make me think how winter is grim and dark and just pessimistic. Whee.

This post maybe doesn't make much sense, but.. who cares (:

15. 6. 2011

Museum night 2011 vol 2 - pictures

So here are the promised pics.
Nothing extra in quality, but at least I have a proof I was helping out.

I was in charge of the contestant registration
Quiz in process (I was moving the slides)

And I even could keep the university T-shirt I was wearing :D
It's a very cool t-shirt!

says: Biology faculty of UK (=Univerzita Karlova = Charles university)

Next year, I am willing to help aswell. Even though it would mean being up till.. well. At 1am it was the official end. Then we had to clean everything up. Took at least 30 minutes, and then catching some tram or so... well, managed to crawl to my bed around 3am :D

But it was worth it!

12. 6. 2011

Museum night 2011

So as my sis works in the university library, the faculty decided to take part in this year's museum night (night when majority of museums or similar institutions are opened till 1am and for free) and she asked me if I want to help with the organisation.

Well of course I wanted!
With her and her other collegue we were leading geography quiz, and it was fun! The people who took part as official contestants said it was an awesome idea. We were reading pieces of some travel books from 19/20th century and the contestans had to guess the location that was described there.

Even met my high school english teacher there who was surprised to see me, asked if I study here in the faculty of nature sciences, so I just said that no, but I study museum and gallery services, so therefore the whole concept of museum night is pretty much close to me.

I'll have some pictures in few days, well.

9. 6. 2011

Alles im Ordnung

Exams done.

Only tomorrow for last two signatures and I'm done with school for 2010/2011.

5. 6. 2011

2 exams to go

...and if I pass them, I am done with school for year 2010/2011.

Economy tomorrow.
Test is going to have 70 in total, and to pass the subject I need to get at least 6 points. I think I am going to make it.

Database systems on Thursday.
Test is going to have again 70 points in total, and to pass the subject I need at least 7 points. Well, I know I am going to pass it, because last week I've been lstudying for it like mad (because I was writing shitloads of correction tests so I could get enough points to be even let to the exam, and in the end the professor tells me that I got the needed amount 2 correction tests before, so I didn't have to bother myself. Damnit... :D ).

Even though I have so many rants going on inside my head, I kinda block them and let them bother me in my dreams. It's quite good have to say.
All those shitty events that happened to me in past month now don't seem to get to me when I am awake, but they change themselves to pretty disturbing dreams, that I luckilly don't remember that much. Only unimportant scraps. And for my dream diary they would make it to one sentence, that wouldn't make sense at all. That's fair enough.

3. 6. 2011

My great-great-great-great-grandfather

He was a total badass, seriously.

Josephus von Vychner.

High officer of austro-hungarian army, he was an important persona in austro-sardinian wars. From what my dad and me found out do far, he had a great success in the battle of Melegnano in 1848 and was probably given a title because of Joseph Radetzky von Radetz's reference.

He became a really wealthy and honoured man in the army, he earned a lot of money and some summer castle near Vienna. But, unfortunately, he was that kind of a man who enjoyed life on the maximum volume. During the years he lost all his possesions because he liked casinos, wine and women.
Man, Grandpa, if you weren't like that, I could have been living a high-society life in Vienna now...

When I was taking more detailed pictures of the only photograph we have, I tried to look for the names of the medals he has. I am only 100% on the second one from right, it's called "Signum laudis", it's a military merit medal. And then the biggest one on the left, it looks like some lesser medal of the "Order of the Golden Fleece" (which is a very old order, mind you!).

And I really want to look for more information about that man.
When my dad wanted to find some more information about him in his birthplace, he was told that the archive burned down during the WW2, so all the registries from basically 16th century till that very day were simply gone.

I still think that if I would really want to find some more about him, I shall get my ass to Vienna and look for some registry of austro-hungarian officers. If he was this kind of a high officer, there really must be some trace of him, somewhere!

This I shall declare one of my quests.

1. 6. 2011

Eh, exams.

So today my exam period started.

With a tiiiiiiiny little bit of cheat I think I did rather good on my Information technology exam today.

And tomorrow it's probably the most difficult one, law. I managed to get through 30 pages out of cca 120, and even from those 30 I don't feel like I know anything. I am actually thinking that I will be one of those people who will be repeating the exam. But maybe I will have this awesome luck and pass it, even though with minimum points.