19. 5. 2011

Weird dreams

Past week, I have been having really strange dreams.
I don't know what they mean. I don't understand them. I rather decided to write them down somewhere, hoping that one day someone will tell me the meaning of them properly.

I am very sad, very tired, very anxious and simply feel like a fly trapped in a jar, trying to get out but hitting the glass constantly.

Anyone, explain this to me?

"Running around a city at night, randomly taking pictures. Recognising 80% of the places, I seem to be in Prague.

Some tourist leaving a pub asks me for directions, I happen to have a map I don't need, the tourist buys it from me.

Someone calls me, I don't see the number, I hear a familiar voice, so I ask "What do you need, why are you calling me? You know we stopped talking some time ago." - "I am aware of the fact, but I wanted to hear how are you doing, I miss talking to you."

I am at home having a cup of coffee, writing something."

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