21. 5. 2011

TIME. Stop running so fast...

A month ago I said my database project shall be done in a while so I wouldn't have to bother myself with it 2 days before deadline.
And what is in my mind now? That certain project. I am such a hardcore procrastinator, it's just unbelieveable have to say. Well, I'd better have it done today, otherwise I am really screwed, I need points for that subject.

Or better to say, I am failing terribly because my mind is completely shattered and I can't concentrate nor focus or anything. It couldn't have come in a BETTER MOMENT, seriously. While the other side is just having fun there, I am sitting here, thinking what the fuck did I do wrong he decided to say "let's break up" and that's in my mind 24/7, this fucking despair, and combined with stress from school it's just a fucked up combination that doesn't leave you in peace even for a single second.

I want it to be over. At least today is the end of the world, I can't be bothered anymore...

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