13. 4. 2011

Day 3 - A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Der Untergang (imdb)

Say whatever you want.
I like movies with WW2 theme, no matter on which side (Germany-USSR-add "participating" country of your own choice) the main characters stand. (Though I have to admit I have a weak spot for german side, purely because of their uniform style.)
Der Untergang is a very strong movie. In other movies portraying Hitler you see him as a choleric, ambitious, ruthless leader, yet in here he seems more like a random broken old man who still believes, but when his hopes are torn to pieces, he reacts with a desperate decision.

And here I go to my point, why I put this movie under "a film I watch to feel good" - glad that I live in these days. You don't necessary have to understand it, it is hard to explain, but this is a fact.

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