8. 4. 2011

Day 1 - Your Favorite Film

Gladiator (imdb.com)
As when in 2003 we were returning from Englad with our school, before we reached London, the bus driver put a video on, so we won't be bored.
At first, I found it a bit boring (because they were talking about some politic, and I thought it's going to be the usual movie about those stuff BUT in ancient Rome), but what was my surprise, it got a wonderful twist!
Well, 30 minutes before it ended, we stopped for 8 hours in London. So after we get back to the bus, we were demanding to see the last 30 minutes! I was only lucky it was dark as hell, because noone saw me crying, seriously. First movie in ages that made me cry.

Still it will remain probably the favorite of my favorite films.

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