1. 4. 2011

The craziest thing

I just did one.

Well, you probably wouldn't consider it that crazy, but to be honest, it cost me really some nerves to actually do it. As I am a bit awkward when it comes to some official communication with people I don't know.

Well, to the point then.
Yesterday I was thinking about how damn useless idiot am I, that I am not able to get some decent part-time job, when I don't want to be stuck sitting behind the sahier desk in a supermarket.
So, I just randomly gathered my mental strengths and wrote an e-mail with a question, if there would be a possibility of a part-time job in summer. An that institution was the czech National Museum.

I am actually proud of myself. I think it was worth a try, even if I would recieve a negative answer, or none at all!


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