27. 4. 2011

Man, I am lazy!

And how.

Should be pimping my database project.
Should be learning for law test.
Should be starting my economics presentation.


Right now, I am just a person without any perspective and motivation, just surviving day by day, looking forward only to get myself in bed and fall asleep.
Something must be seriously wrong.

26. 4. 2011

Day 5 - A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Shergar (imdb)

Seen that movie when I was about 12, at my friend's place, and of course, that friend owns few horses. It always reminds me of her, because she dedicated her whole life to help horses in need.

And not to mention the movie is very touching and very beautiful.

15. 4. 2011

Day 4 - A Film You Watch to Feel Down

Donnie Darko (imdb)

I had such  mixed feelings after watching this. The song at the end, just made me cry.
Had creepy dreams, was without mood for at least a week, doubted myself for a long time and didn't even enjoy my coffee because of how strange this movie was.

13. 4. 2011

Day 3 - A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Der Untergang (imdb)

Say whatever you want.
I like movies with WW2 theme, no matter on which side (Germany-USSR-add "participating" country of your own choice) the main characters stand. (Though I have to admit I have a weak spot for german side, purely because of their uniform style.)
Der Untergang is a very strong movie. In other movies portraying Hitler you see him as a choleric, ambitious, ruthless leader, yet in here he seems more like a random broken old man who still believes, but when his hopes are torn to pieces, he reacts with a desperate decision.

And here I go to my point, why I put this movie under "a film I watch to feel good" - glad that I live in these days. You don't necessary have to understand it, it is hard to explain, but this is a fact.

11. 4. 2011

Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Film

Centurion (imdb)

I can't say there is one certain movie I totally dislike, but this one came to my mind as the first one.
This one was a proper waste of 90 minutes of my life. Wannabe this epic movie with female bloodthirsty mute killer who -no matter how dirty and nasty things she does- she still manages to look like a super clean top model, posing, with flawless make-up. And so. Not to mention that a MODEL shall stay a MODEL and shouldn't mess into acting.
The plot was kinda stupid. And the "good guys", they are annoying as hell, so you'd be totally on a side of the baddies. And you would enjoy seeing the good guys die, believe me.
I was skipping half of the movie. Luckilly.

8. 4. 2011

Day 1 - Your Favorite Film

Gladiator (imdb.com)
As when in 2003 we were returning from Englad with our school, before we reached London, the bus driver put a video on, so we won't be bored.
At first, I found it a bit boring (because they were talking about some politic, and I thought it's going to be the usual movie about those stuff BUT in ancient Rome), but what was my surprise, it got a wonderful twist!
Well, 30 minutes before it ended, we stopped for 8 hours in London. So after we get back to the bus, we were demanding to see the last 30 minutes! I was only lucky it was dark as hell, because noone saw me crying, seriously. First movie in ages that made me cry.

Still it will remain probably the favorite of my favorite films.

6. 4. 2011

30 day film challenge

Well, after the photo challenge I found few interesting 30 day challenges worth trying :p
So here I go with another one - MOVIES!

4. 4. 2011

So much for NM

"Dear miss,

we are sorry to inform you that we aren't looking for any part time workers now. Thank you for your interest though.

With best wishes,

NM personal management"

Well, worth a shot.
At least they answered politely. Or answered at all.

Day 30 - A picture of someone that you miss

I would have posted a picture of my grandma who died when I was about 10 years old, but I can't find any.

She led me to music. She was the one who accompanied me to my every lesson, encouraged me to practice, because she couldn't play any instrument herself and telling me, that as soon as I master the piano, I will teach her, or just enlighten her with some nice melodies.

Then she led me to sport. From her second husband (my step granfather) I got my first bike. We used to go on mountain hikes a lot with them, or camping in the summer and skiing in the winter. I also remember she was an adventurous person, because they also randomly decided "let's go to Norway!" and sent us a couple of great postcards from there, and when they returned back, they gave me and my sister some small trolls and a norweigian doll in traditional norweigian dress. I still have it somewhere here.

And then she died, all of the sudden.
At that time, I was somehow blaming myself for that, because like some months before she passed away, on mother's day, I made her a gift, like an armchair with some small sign saying "Have a rest, dear granny". So I thought it was my fault. Well, I was a small kid at that time, still...

But I miss her very much.

2. 4. 2011

I soooooo smell spring!

And I love it, seriously.

I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee like 2 hours ago, and the balcony door was open. So I just stepped outside while waiting for the water to boil and just smelled the air.

The birds, the mild sun.. oh yeah. I felt like at our (ex)cabin (we had to sell it away), with the difference that the "atmospheric noise" isn't from the river (as at our cabin) but from the machines that are working on the tunnel on the opposite side of the house :D

Otherwise, it was the same!
I'm going to repot some flowers and then who knows. Maybe just sit on the balcony with a book and enjoy this cool weather :D

Day 28 - A picture of something you're afraid of

Porcelain dolls
Simply because they are creepy. No idea where it started, but they look just so real and scary... aswell as ventriloquist dummies (thanks Jeff Dunham and Peanut!!!) or wooden puppets.
I know they should be also admired as a great work of art, but... well, they look so real they are a great source of inspiration for all those horror movies (thank you, The Orphanage and the Dead Silence).

1. 4. 2011

The craziest thing

I just did one.

Well, you probably wouldn't consider it that crazy, but to be honest, it cost me really some nerves to actually do it. As I am a bit awkward when it comes to some official communication with people I don't know.

Well, to the point then.
Yesterday I was thinking about how damn useless idiot am I, that I am not able to get some decent part-time job, when I don't want to be stuck sitting behind the sahier desk in a supermarket.
So, I just randomly gathered my mental strengths and wrote an e-mail with a question, if there would be a possibility of a part-time job in summer. An that institution was the czech National Museum.

I am actually proud of myself. I think it was worth a try, even if I would recieve a negative answer, or none at all!


Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member

Low Tarta mountains.
Summer 2008, with my cousin Eva.