24. 3. 2011

Whatever may go wrong, goes

As usual, anyway.

So today I was supposed to have a presentation about assertivity with other 2 girls. Even though we started working on it a bit late, we felt like we're perfectly fine with what we managed to do in such a short period of time and we were pretty confident about it.

Today, as I was about to leave the house, my phone rang. It was my mom calling me that the metro line I need to use in order to get to school, is out, because someone decided to kill himself. M'kaaaay, so I quickly switched on the internet to find out another way to school. Found a few ways, but I already knew I'm going to be very much late for the presentation. My only hope was that one of the girls is going to be even later than me.

Meanwhile, of course, the metro was all allright.

So I got myself to school 35 minutes later and after I apologized, the professor said that the third girl, Míša, won't possibly make it on time, according to what she wrote to the last girl on our team, Markéta. Therefore she said that after the lesson we shall get a new topic for the presentation.

But what was my surprise when Míša appeared 15  minutes before the end.
We were asked if we are going to give the presentation a try, or just give it up and get a new topic.

"My god, why? We were working on this, we're going to present it to you."

But, of course, as majority of the stuff has already been said by our professor, we didn't want to repeat ourselves that much and the time was ticking, the presentation that was planned on 20 minutes came out much shorter - 10 minutes. Ah my.

We were given another choice:
to get half of the points since it was half the time, or get a new topic anyway. After hearing how much points we have so far, we decided that we won't take those 10 offered points (as the presentation was worth those max. 20) and we'll rather make a new one, where we can get more points than those "10 for pity and effort".

What can I say, it was a set of unfortunate events, I can't blame anyone from it. Or maybe I can, that person who jumped under the train.. but I know I wasn't the only one who was affected by this. Actually, on one hand I understand that person. If I'd like to piss off lots of people, I'd jump under the metro. Since it's a pain in the arse to find way to your final station when the only route you know is unavailable :D

"Angry hamster shooting from a machine gun" - drawn by me during the last lecture of today

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