4. 3. 2011

The so-called future...

...actually started yesterday.

As I got an amazing offer to have my first photography exhibition. Quite an achievement!
I shall have the exhibition 50:50 with another wonderfully talented lady in a small restaurant/pub in Prague, basically in the very center and it shall be a part of the restaurant's decoration.
The good news for the visitors and customers is, that you would be able to actually buy the stuff, for a very fair price, as I'm not a well-known photographer.. better to say a complete amateur.

Another good news might be that I shall have some kind of a "contract" with the pub to have there more exhibitions, because I have so many pictures with different topics.

Well, fair enough, isn't it? (:

Other "photo" news is that during Easter one lady is coming to Prague and some time ago, via ModelMayhem she asked me if I'll be able to do a TFP photoshoot of one of her creations, that my photography style would fit her clothes. I still need to contact her, but I find it quite promising, if we're able to agree on a date and place (and my camera would be working), I guess.. results might be nice.

So keep your fingers crossed. I would need every one of them (:

5 komentářů:

  1. well I am so excited for the first one, seems classy and we need pics as soon as you place your pics on their walls.
    What will be your first theme?

  2. Not quite sure yet, I will have to agree on the theme with the other lady, since I don't want it to be a mixture of "best" works. But I guess it shall be nature, architecture or travelling first.

  3. I'm so happy for you Majda!
    That's a great opportunity.
    I'm sure that someday someone important will notice your talent!

  4. architectureeee I really like your architecture pics.