10. 3. 2011

Shall I go platinum blonde?

You know I've always had red hair.
Or orange.
Or ginger, tizian, ruby, cherry, you say it, that shade of red/orange has most probably been on my head once.

But as I dye my hair quite frequently, people tend to guess my original hair color and they usually go for this honey-ash blond, as I am probably the original blonde type and I have nearly invisible eyebrows.
So I was thinking I shall "reveal my true hair color" and bleach my hair to be nearly white :D

It would cost money, it will take time, but I think that in the end I will just pour some red hair dye over bleached hair to get more vibrant and bright red.

A bit.

1 komentář:

  1. hahah or or :p


    I know you don't like to be the girly type but you will look like a 21st century princess with this blonde.
    Plus you Czech (and Slovakian) women always look good with any shade of blonde it is your color me thinks.